Tony Moly Mini Bunny Hand Cream Review

My head is about to explode, I can’t take the cuteness of these Tony Moly Mini Bunny Hand Cream. A friend of mine had gifted me with these a few weeks ago and they’ve been laying on my desk most of that time as I’m not only a chronic lip balm user but also a hand cream one.

Let’s have a look!

A paraben free hand cream housed in tiny little bunny tubes! Aww the cuteness!

These are really tiny, almost sample size hand creams that feature cute little bunny packaging. The cream is a lightweight, almost gel-like formula that absorbs easily and leaves behind a nice hydrating effect. They have a fresh almost fruity floral scent that’s very light and not overpowering!

Part of the appeal is obviously the sweet packaging!

These were released recently from Korean Brand, Tony Moly, so you should be able to do a little online sleuthing to see if any online shops might be selling them. They only cost a few dollars as well!

If you’re one for stashing hand creams in your tote, desk drawer, etc…it might as well be a cute one eh?

Disclaimer: These was gifted to me from a dear friend.

  • 3/24/11 14:38 Susan:

    I would like to find these in my Easter basket!


  • 3/24/11 14:52 Polly:

    awww they are so cute!! I adore the packaging!! Will definitely need to track them down :)


  • 3/24/11 15:39 KristyQ:

    GAH! These are awesome…I love the Sweet Pink one!! Too adorable :)


  • 3/24/11 15:53 Jessica:

    There’s nothing more amazing than finding cute packaging, that has a quality item inside! I love these! They also make great gifts. More people need to give beauty gifts


  • 3/24/11 16:12 Appu:

    OMG they are soooo cute! Major WANT!!!


  • 3/24/11 18:01 Eve:

    OMFG NEED THESE!!! /drool
    Come on America, why can’t you produce cuter things like this with a nice quality?!


    • 3/29/11 16:43 the Muse:

      amen eve, wth why can’t we have cute stuff too!


  • 3/24/11 21:37 Liane:

    I need to own these but apparently they’re totally unavailable in the US.


  • 3/28/11 6:41 janet:

    ohmyyygoodness!!! bunnies are totally my mascot :) i NEED these!


  • 4/15/12 1:35 wendy:

    hi! any idea how much this retails for in korean won? thanks! :)


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