Tony Moly Whipping BB Cream Review, Swatches, Photos

I purchased Tony Moly Whipping BB Cream because one of my HG foundations is Bourjois Paris Mineral Matte which has a similar formula as this.

The idea behind Bourjois’ version is a whipped, creamy foundation which can be buffed onto skin with the included short haired, dense brush. Looking at Tony Moly’s version you can easily see the similarities.

Was it good?

Let’s find out!

A smooth matte finish foundation.

I gotta say I hate how Korean brands throw around the term “BB Cream” so loosely. This isn’t actually a BB Cream but merely takes the name of one. Very odd and silly.

The packaging is something to love as it features a dense brush just like the one that the Bourjois’ foundation comes with BUT…the brush actually stores in top of the jar of foundation so you can twist it up and out for easy storage. I love this feature and wish the Bourjois had the same style packaging. Below the brush storage you’ll find a generous pot of whipped foundation. The formula is smoother and creamier than Bourjois’ version. It has a buttery smooth texture that blends out beautifully but I didn’t think the formula was as nice as Bourjois’ version as for some reason the finish wasn’t nearly as perfecting.

It is drier as well so the formula isn’t dewy nor is it meant to be but it does deserve mentioning that if you have dry skin you may wish to be aware if you do purchase as it will make dry spots way more noticeable. I didn’t run into this issue with Bourjois.

The product is available in three shades which I won’t list under a bad thing simply because it’s developed for an Asian market and three standard shades should suit most Asian tones however for those shopping abroad you’ll very much find it an issue to get just the right shade for your skin tone. I choose the 2nd shade which turns towards being beige with heavy yellow undertones.


Made my skin look tired, stressed, and dehydrated. Not only the shade was wrong but the formula itself isn’t friendly to my drier skin however I imagine if you have oily skin the more matte finish will be a welcome relief as it dries down to a powdery finish which conceals larger pores and problem areas very well!

  • Those with oily skin and larger pores.
  • Those with yellow undertones.
  • Those who need a mattifying foundation which buffs into skin for a smoother appearance and a powdery dry down.

  • Those with dry skin.
  • Those with ranging in a dark tone (the three shades are not forgiving for most skin types particularly darker or olive ones).
  • Those unwilling to purchase products online, deal with airmail, etc…(this is a product that’s available exclusively in Korea).

I didn’t particularly like this foundation sadly. I’m a fond fan and supporter of Bourjois’ version which is what led me to this product however it doesn’t sport any of the great features that product did. I think if you have oily skin you’ll find it’s more forgiving however be careful about your shade selection as mine was awful yellow which made my skin look super tired and stressed out.

Anyone try Tony Moly Whipping BB Cream?


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It’s very above retail but if you really want to check this out for yourself a reliable way to get it is from


This product was purchased by the Muse for review purposes.
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  • 3/28/11 22:38 Cara:

    I know this isn’t post-related, but what happened to the cute little ice cream cone packaging?


    • 3/29/11 10:22 the Muse:

      ha cara :) not all of the line has that style packaging 😉


      • 3/29/11 23:21 Cara:

        LOL well it should! super kawaii that way 😛


  • 3/28/11 23:23 Kari:

    I haven’t tried this but I do own something very similar: Etude House’s Lucidarling Fantastic Sponge BB Cake. It has its own brush also and I find this not very workable for my dry skin too! I’m thinking of experimenting with primers or Clinique’s Turnaround Concentrate so I could have a more even base with which to use it, ’cause I hate wasting product. :s


    • 3/29/11 10:22 the Muse:

      hey kari sponge cake made me look drown out too, def not good for my dry skin :-/


  • 3/29/11 11:45 Jenn:

    Thanks u so much for this review, I’ve been reading a lot lately about BB Creams & foundation and i was thinking about giving this one a try. But i have combo-dry skin so after reading your review i dont think i will be trying this one out. Its so hard to find a foundation for super fair,dry and some acne scaring to cover


    • 3/29/11 11:52 the Muse:

      mmm jenn tell me about it, dry skin here too! ;-D!!!!!! This isn’t a customary bb cream by any means, they throw the term in very loosely here, you should try something from BRTC, this is the best place to get a solid performing BB Cream for problem skin that’s fair/dry.


  • 3/29/11 17:52 Mary the Muse Militant:

    I’m always on the lookout for a BB cream for very dry skin and not too yellow.
    It takes a long time researching all the brands.
    The Asian girls reviewing have yellow toned skin and mostly oily which means I keep coming up against brick wall.
    I’ll find one hopefully soon.


    • 3/30/11 9:23 the Muse:

      no worries about oily skin mary, bb’s cream are awesome for dry skin ;-D and the yellow tone shouldn’t be an issue either, try skin79, it adjusts quite well.


      • 3/30/11 16:22 Mary the Muse Militant:

        Thank you very much for your help Muse !


        • 3/30/11 16:30 the Muse:

          my pleasure mary!


  • 3/11/12 16:48 Michelle:

    Hi Muse! I was wondering whether the 02 shade or the 03 shade would fit an NC30-35 better. I’ve been wanting this foundation for a while, and it seems the yellowness and dryish formula would suit me well. Thanks! 😀


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