Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion Tube Greed, Sin, Eden

Your wish is Urban Decay’s command. Good-bye genie bottle, hello squeeze tube.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion Tube is now available in all your fav shades!

Check it!

New and exclusive to Sephora you can now get all your fav shades of Urban Decay Primer Potion in a tube!

The new Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion Tube is now available in a 0.37 size (versus the larger tube introduced last year) for $19.

You can choose from:

  • Greed
  • Sin
  • Original
  • Eden

The tubes are only available exclusively at Sephora so grab ’em at www.Sephora.com

Hey UD, it’s your birthday celebration this year, how about a gift set featuring all four of these bad boys? We needs it!

  • 3/23/11 15:23 Liz!:

    Yes!!! So excited! Although I realllllllly wish UD would make these part of the permanent line rather than keep doing limited edition stuff 😛


  • 3/23/11 15:26 Eve:

    Why don’t they just keep the tubes? Nobody likes those genie bottles!!!


  • 3/23/11 15:51 mon:

    “For a limited time”? That’s really lame UD, really lame… I guess they want us all to not have any fingertips? Thanks for the heads up muse!


  • 3/23/11 16:10 dovey:

    omg! So excited! I really love the squeeze version because it’s so much more hygienic, and I really wanted them to come out with Eden in a large tube, since it’s paraben free (I think?). Wishes do come true!


  • 3/23/11 16:15 KristyQ:

    It’s about time IMO :) Why limited?? I hate the genie bottle with a passion!


  • 3/23/11 16:53 Cait:

    is this only on the sephora website? grrr i just bought another genie bottle last week at the store. i hate those darn things.


    • 3/24/11 9:34 the Muse:

      for a short time cait yes and launching later everywhere :)


    • 3/24/11 11:53 Maggie:

      You can always return the genie bottle :) Sephora’s great return policy comes in handy sometimes.


  • 3/23/11 17:10 Aimee:

    Finally. UGH. Hate those stupid genie bottles.


  • 3/23/11 17:14 Ashley:

    I nearly had a mini heart attack when I saw this posted on UD’s facebook the other day! Gone are the days when I used to almost chop off my fingers with my chef’s knife, trying to depot those wretched little bottles! Heh, if only they weren’t limited edition…


  • 3/23/11 17:16 Hope:

    I think UD said on Facebook that it’s exclusive to Sephora for a limited time. Meaning that it’s going to be a permanent product (coming to Ulta late April/early May) but for the first monthish of its release you can only buy it at Sephora.

    Tricky, huh?


  • 3/23/11 18:27 Cara:

    yay a squeeze tube! Be still, my beating heart! <3 LOVE UD


  • 3/23/11 20:01 Giselle:

    Finally, this day has come! haha I really hope they keep it like this


  • 3/23/11 20:29 ainat:

    Where is everyone getting that it’s only limited? I thought it was a permanent switch!


    • 3/23/11 22:43 Kathy:

      I’m wondering that as well. I read the article 4 times and I don’t see anywhere that it’s limited. It says it’s exclusive to Sephora, but it doesn’t say limited.


  • 3/23/11 22:34 Melissa:

    Have you noticed that formula is different in the tube? I bought the big tube over the holidays and with nearly daily use I’m sad. I get some creasing and my shadows don’t stay true thought out the day. I experimented by using an unopened sample size I had and sure enough the formula was thinner and the results better. I would like to get sin in a tube but IDK maybe I should wait for reviews.


    • 3/24/11 9:08 the Muse:

      melissa yes but still the same staying power thankfully. the formula feels thicker and dense compared to the looser version in the genie bottle.


  • 3/23/11 23:27 Quinctia:

    I am so mad, I just bought Greed a couple weeks ago.

    Oh well, I honestly am not petty enough to go return it over a packaging change, it’s just a little disappointing. 😛


  • 3/23/11 23:37 donna:

    this is why i love urban decay. they totally listen to their consumers. every person i know that has those genie tubes complains about them. so glad UD changed it! I want to get Eden!!!


  • 3/24/11 0:02 Lorraine ER:

    I see a tube of Eden in my future! I bought a bottle off of Ebay and the top of the bottle cracked when I screwed the top/applicator off the very first time I used it. The seller advised me to de-pot which I did but the primer dried out in the jar I put the product in. :/ I didn’t even save much money and it was a total waste.
    Anyhow, tubes make more sense and I really hope they come back and don’t remain LE. I don’t understand why they would make them LE anyways!!


    • 3/24/11 9:43 the Muse:

      lorraine totally cut open one myself and felt it was a waste as it wasn’t the same texture after I “depotted” they are available for a limited time at sephora until they launch everywhere else ;-D a reader just confirmed ;D!


      • 3/24/11 10:01 Lorraine ER:



  • 3/24/11 2:56 sammie:

    AH! ZOMG. THE MAKEUP GODS ARE SMIZING AT ME. I have been in the market for a new UDPP for SO long but I have been WAITING for this, not knowing if it would come. So excited. So so so so sossadfdsfsdf excited. *regains composure…a bit*


  • 3/24/11 4:43 Jeanne:

    Finally! I just bought the giant professional size of the original but now I can get the others too…if UD knows what’s good for them they won’t go back to the genie bottles!


  • 3/24/11 8:43 Makedonka:

    Yay! :) Like you said Muse – we needs it … and we loves it! :)


    • 3/24/11 9:24 the Muse:

      absolutely makedonka :D!


  • 3/24/11 9:31 Irene:

    while UD listens, it took them way too long for this… when Bare Escentuals heard their customers didn’t like their eye primer in a clicking pen, it changed it less than a year!


  • 3/24/11 20:53 meghan:

    I’m still gunning for a shadowbox of the original shades, like frostbite, asphyxia, shattered, bruise, etc. It would be amazing! Although this is pretty fab and LONG OVERDUE.


  • 3/31/11 0:53 Tigress:

    This is definitely a good move by UD. It will save countless fingers now that we don’t have to depot anymore!


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