Yves Saint Laurent YSL Pure Chromatics for Spring 2011

I gotta say YSL sometimes doesn’t always capture my interest as many of their products are a bit too sheer for my tastes but YSL Pure Chromatics….whoa, these look special!

Check ’em!

British Beauty Blogger proclaims these shadows can be used wet or dry and the product is manufactured by “pouring” the pigment into the wells as opposed to pressing them. Once the shadow pigment dries down they rehydrate quickly and become creamy and metallic. Since they are made up of 50% water and 50% pigment you’re getting a very extreme shadow texture with a bold color payoff. Sounds like a most delicious shadow formula!

It’s been a while since YSL captured my interest but I think I’m foreseeing a haul in my future as that earthy palette is calling my name, heck alot of these colors are yelling at me to buy!

Whatcha think?


  • 3/3/11 13:05 Larie:

    Yes! I just saw these too, and I so want.


  • 3/3/11 13:33 LINDARRAGNAR:

    “poured” and half water half pigment count me interested I wonder if these shadows will be smoother than any eyeshadow i’ve tried LOL

    can’t wait for a review! 😉


    • 3/3/11 13:50 the Muse:

      I’m DEAD curious Linda ;-D hitting up counter shortly hopeful they’ll have ’em early ;D


  • 3/3/11 15:46 Risu:

    ?! I thought YSL has already launched their spring 2011 collection?
    But these sounds so awesome! When are they launching?


    • 3/3/11 15:47 the Muse:

      march 17th Risu :)


  • 3/4/11 1:14 Nunuiviet:

    Sadly I have always associated Brands like YSL, lancome with an image of oldness … I’ve never bought anything from these two brands , don’t have much attraction to me really!


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