Avon Anew Solar Advance Sunscreen Face Lotion SPF 45

You should be worrying about SPF in every weather condition, during every season…however, SPF is particularly important during the Summer when you’re outdoors for longer periods of time.

Avon has a new Solar Advance Sunscreen Face Lotion that could be worth a peek at!

Let’s take a look!

Avon Anew Solar Advance Sunscreen Face Lotion SPF 45 is formulated with RepairShield Technology which promises to dramatically reduces the look of wrinkles and visibly diminishes discolorations while offering a broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection.

The formula is a lightweight and quick absorbing and it’s water-resistant.

At $24 it could prove a better budget pick for your current high end SPF of choice.

I’m curious about the formula myself, I might have to indulge. Your SPF may be protecting you from the sun but does it also offer an anti-aging treatment as well? That’s what sets Avon Anew Solar Advance Sunscreen Face Lotion from the rest of the SPF options out there, interesting eh?

Available now from shop.avon.com

  • 4/25/11 16:58 Kayvid:

    I calculated and found the PPD is 8.9
    Which is not so bad.
    It would be good to ry. It is only 2.6 oz. however.
    Also it is $34 in cost, it is $24 now only as an introductory offer.
    If you try this, please let us know.


  • 4/26/11 19:18 ISABELLA:



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