Bath and Body Works Country Chic

The new Bath and Body Works Country Chic Fragrance has launched just in time for Spring. The new fragrance could be appealing to those who love sparkling lemon…

Take a look!

Country Chic is a blend of sparkling lemon, bright wildflowers, and Spring woods, an blend inspired by fresh air and the natural beauty of America’s countryside!

The collection includes (Buy 3, Get 2 Free!):

  • Bath and Body Works Country Chic Shower Gel $10.50
  • Bath and Body Works Country Chic Fragrance Mist $12
  • Bath and Body Works Country Chic Eau de Toilette $29.50
  • Bath and Body Works Country Chic Shea Cashmere Hand Cream $10
  • Bath and Body Works Country Chic Shower Gel Body Butter $15
  • Bath and Body Works Country Chic Triple Moisture Shower Cream $12
  • Bath and Body Works Country Chic Body Lotion $10.50

I haven’t been to Bath and Body Works in a while (sales people are too damn aggressive) so I didn’t get a chance to sniff this when it was available as a trail size.

I’m curious but I think Country Chic will prove more floral than lemon but we’ll see perhaps I love it.

Have you tried it?

What did you think?

Available now at Bath and Body Works.

  • 4/11/11 12:16 Courtney:

    OMG I totally feel you on their salespeople! The accost you as soon as you come in the door and won’t leave you alone! It drives me nuts!


    • 4/11/11 12:20 the Muse:

      yeah I try to avoid the shops Courtney. It’s a very uncomfortable shopping experience all around imho :-/


  • 4/11/11 13:11 Mandy:

    I tried the lotion this weekend and got the $1 sample bottle of lotion to carry in my purse. I really like it! It’s more what I expected “Carried Away” to be… I thought I would love “Carried Away” but it’s just kinda ok to me, but I really like the “Country Chic!” The lemon is definitely dectecable, but it blends well with the floral scent. It reminds me of a department store fragrance, but I can’t put my finger on it for the life of me… Hopefully it will come to me. 😀


    • 4/11/11 14:08 the Muse:

      mandy oh goodies I was worried the lemon would be drown out by the florals ;D! that’s good news!


  • 4/11/11 13:53 Kristina:

    Lemon? I sniffed it when I was there the other day and I def got floral out of it. Maybe it’s just a not so subliminal message from the packaging though!


    • 4/11/11 14:07 the Muse:

      yeah, it has a sparkling lemon note kristina but I figured it would be more floral! is it nice?


  • 4/11/11 14:25 Janelly L.:

    To me it smells SOOOO much like Dolce & Gabanna Light Blue. Too bad I don’t really like it.


    • 4/11/11 14:36 the Muse:

      aw damn janelly don’t tell me that ;-D so boring dude!


    • 4/11/11 16:48 Mandy:

      AHA! That’s the scent! But for me, that’s awesome, bc I LOVE Dolce & Gabanna Light Blue! 😉


    • 4/11/11 23:22 jackieg02:

      I was trying to stay away from B&BW, but if this smells anything similar to Light Blue, I’m down.


  • 4/11/11 18:29 Ally:

    I LOVE it!! I think it actually gets better the longer you wear it. I have had a lot of people compliment how I smell when I wear it. I also like that its a good layering scent. I have tried it with both Ralph Summer…or whatever the red one is called. And Lancome Miracle…AND Burberry and it works with them all.


  • 4/11/11 20:03 becca:

    I am in looooove with this scent. There’s something really uplifting and happy and comforting about it. To me it smells like a nicely perfumed laundry detergent, if that makes any sense. It’s not like the generic “cotton” scents that have been popular for the past few years, but it has a certain coziness that reminds me of clothes drying. Other than that it mostly smells like flowers, but not in an overpowering or heady way. Didn’t get any lemon when I tried it, personally, but maybe it’s just my body chemistry? Either way… love, and want.


    • 4/12/11 11:27 the Muse:

      becca sounds lovely they way you described it!


  • 4/11/11 20:45 Tigress:

    I could definitely smell the lemon, but it’s not overpowering. The floral scent is overpowering though. Not bad, but nothing special.

    I’m totally with you on how aggressive their employees are, and they’re getting worse. They’re like flies on dookie! I’ve actually had to tell them before to leave me alone or I would leave.


    • 4/12/11 11:26 the Muse:

      tigress it’s the worst le sigh. I really avoid the store just b/c of it!


  • 4/16/11 1:08 Jenn:

    I tried this today, not a big fan. Love lemon scents, but not a huge fan of the overpowering floral.

    Hey Muse, have you seen the new natural lemon scent. Not sure if this is new of if they have re-packaged their lemon scent, but it smells fabulous and is 50% off right now. I bought the spray, lotion and shower gel!


    • 4/19/11 11:41 the Muse:

      cheers thanks jenn ;-D i actually never tried that one but will go look as I’m a huge lemon fan ;D!


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