Bath and Body Works Royal Pocketbac Collection Review

Anyone absolutely obsessed with William and Kate’s upcoming nuptials?

I’m a self confessed Anglophile but I could care less…..oh gawd, can they revoke my Anglophile membership for saying stuff like that?

Bath and Body Works Royal Pocketbac Collection is inspired by the upcoming Royal Wedding and includes three newly design Pocketbacs!

Take a look!

If you haven’t seen these little guys yet they are rather cute and I can even toss aside the entire Royal Wedding theme and just embrace the kawaii.

I got Royal Pucker and If the Tiara Fits in the mail yesterday and already started using them in the AM. The scents are true to their namesakes and the art on the little tubes is too sweet plus hey they keep your hands germ free throughout the day without leaving them sticky or dry!

If you’re having some sort of Royal Wedding viewing party these would be rather delightful little favors.

Anyone pick ’em up?

Available now at your local Bath and Body Works store or online at


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  • 4/7/11 12:25 adriana:

    I actually bought if the tiara fits and a couple other fruit ones from their other collection last week because I was going out if town. Throughout the trip everyone was making what that smell was. If the tiara fits is supposed to smell like berry but has a refreshing melon cucumber scent. Amazing! I Definitely need to buy some more. :)


    • 4/7/11 12:26 the Muse:

      adriana I’m always so impressed with the linger of pocketbacs ;-D some of them smell like candy and people always ask, “wow what is that?”


  • 4/7/11 12:36 Jessica:

    I actually really like these, almost to the point where I’m like, It’s a shame they’re LE.
    As for the wedding, I too am sorta like So? But they’ll never take our Anglophile cards just on Doctor Who love alone, or the time I spent a week in bed ill, watching the entire series of Footballers Wives.


    • 4/7/11 12:58 the Muse:

      they keep creating new ones each season so I don’t have a chance to miss them jess ;-D LOLLLLLLLLLLLLL omg! Footballers Wives, decadent ;-D ha! I spent a weekend watching manchild ;D! way to waste time yay us!


      • 4/7/11 13:56 Jessica:

        Love Manchild!
        Footballers wives is my ultimate trashfest viewing. It puts me in a good mood. It’s like s decadent cake you know you shouldn’t be eating but it’s just so sinful.
        I really do like these scents, it was enough to get me to actually go in! (I swore them off years ago for fair trade reasons)


        • 4/7/11 14:01 the Muse:

          me too! Manchild was so damn fun. I really loved Spaced (I wish he would considered a reunion show), hyperdrive, blackbooks, and the inbetweeners as well. Footballers wives I think I have every season on DVD ;-D! It really was great trashy fun! I swore them off b/c they have such aggressive SA’s damn scary!


          • 4/7/11 14:38 Jessica:

            Omg! The SA’s are awful! I once had one ring up things I wasn’t even buying thinking I wouldn’t notice, all so she could win a contest

          • 4/7/11 14:52 the Muse:

            ew that’s awful jessica. They are VERY aggressive, putting things in my bag while I shop telling me I need this and I need that. Scary!

  • 4/7/11 13:58 Jessica:

    Oh and also for the fact they discontinued everything I truly enjoyed


    • 4/7/11 14:02 the Muse:

      aw tell me ’bout it! That’s why I love the TBS originals collection ;-D! wish BBW would do that!


      • 4/7/11 14:39 Jessica:

        Me too!


  • 4/7/11 14:59 Jessica:

    Even worse Muse! I wrote a letter complaining about it (VS too. They know my big behind won’t fit in any of their stuff yet they push it anyways) and they sent me an in store only gift card and im like um you want me to go back there?


    • 5/20/11 15:04 the Muse:

      LOL jessica at least you got a GC out of it girl! NICE!


  • 4/7/11 17:48 Mary the Muse Militant:

    What Royal Wedding ?!?!?
    Kate who??
    HeHe …… People here are not so interested in this wedding. Possibly as Kate is not well liked and is seen as a social climber.
    The public here love Diana and Kate is no Diana.
    They do love Willian though.
    Nice hand gels. I thought the Pucker one had an F instead of a P at first, until I saw the larger photo !! :)


    • 5/20/11 15:37 the Muse:

      lol mary exactly! Kate? what? who!? ;-D I don’t like Diana either thb…not so much like just disinterested in the whole royal thing ;D!!!!!!!!! hahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!


  • 4/9/11 3:54 Mara:

    I picked up 3 of the Princess In Training ones while buying 2 of the jelly bean ones as gifts for my nieces.


  • 4/11/11 7:33 Kelly:

    Since I’m like obsessed with England I absolutely love the packaging!


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