Beauty Most Unusual: Eau de Bacon Has Finally Arrived!

We seem to have a love of bacon around these parts.

Bacon lip balm, bacon soap, etc….

What I believe was missing was the perfect Eau de Bacon fragrance. That sexy, sizzling scent of fat!

Now you can have it!

A company called Fargginay, Inc. lays claim to one of the first bacon fragrances I’ve been privy to. The story goes that John Fargginay, a Parisian butcher (wow, he was French! This is one classy fragrance!) discovered the ability to dramatically elevate his customers’ mood with a secret recipe that blended 11 popular essential oils with the essence of, yes, you guessed it, bacon!

Sounds kinda Pavlov’s dog-like!

The story goes on to say that film stars & heads of state would frequent his shop to procure the magical elixir. Betcha the likes of Paris Hilton would buy into all that bacon!

Now it’s not all bacon……….

The brand makes two types of bacon fragrances with are Bacon Classic (a spicy maple scent) and Bacon Gold (a lighter fragrance with lemon, because sizzling fat and lemon go so well together you see?).

Essentially the bottom note of the fragrance is bacon so it’s hidden in “just the right place” according to Fargginay, Inc. with other essential oils, flowers and herbs. Actually I could have gotten on board with the bacon but mix in lemon, herbs, and 11 herbs and spices and I start to sweat…..No likey?

Would you Eau de Bacon perfume?

Heck, your man might love it and devour you whole!

Available from because yes, this is all true, I can’t make this stuff up and yes, April Fools Day is so overz!

Beauty Most Unusual?


  • 4/12/11 10:53 Audris:

    Lol! How did you discover this? I’d never have thought of Eau de Bacon!


    • 4/12/11 10:55 the Muse:

      it was on a news feed this morning audris ;-D


  • 4/12/11 11:28 Cj:

    Mmm Bacon *drool* lmao, that’s one way to get a guy to like you lol 😛


    • 4/12/11 11:39 the Muse:

      ha cj ;-D makes ’em flock to us!


  • 4/13/11 5:03 Rose:



    • 4/13/11 5:03 Rose:

      (There’s just no other words…)


  • 4/13/11 5:03 Dee:

    I am SO there.


  • 4/13/11 20:32 Rhapsode:

    I… want… to… smell it. Not wear it, not own it, but I just want to smell it because curiosity is driving me nuts! Who came up with (and went through with) this?


  • 4/14/11 9:19 Sarah:

    Are they gonna come out with a whole line, maybe lotion and body butter? Along with the bacon lip balm that already exists, one could slather on greasy bacon body butter! No, I am definitely passing on the whole bacon thing. LaVanila for me!


    • 4/14/11 9:21 the Muse:

      sarah that would be innovative, slathering on greasy bacon body butter…whoa ;D


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