Beauty Most Unusual: Fellas Wipes

I can’t technically say what Fellas Wipes are for without immaturely laughing but they might be deemed Beauty Most Unusual.

Check it!

Thanks to Kirstie at for having the ability to make me always laugh, finding the greatest and best products around, and having the courage the type out the word “balls”, “mickeys”, and “barses” all in the same post.

After discovering Fellas Wipes on her site I quickly Googled them up because I had to see what these were all about for myself.

These are individually wrapped wipes for the boys (I use that term VERY loosely) with a mild orange scent that contains natural ingredients.

According to the site Fellas weren’t designed to be a substitute to men having a shower but they are to help keep you fresh and clean while you’re “on the move”.

Detailed instructions aren’t included and no diagrams or videos but you can start by tearing the sachet open and gently rubbing it all over your “Manantomy” (if you have any manantomy that is) until what the site says not my words, “you are happy that you are clean”. Heck, Fellas even reminds you to not forget to have a good regular inspection of your testicles while you’re down there, you know, just in case.

Honestly, from a girl who giggles at the idea of feminine wipes, I’m going to dub Fellas Wipes somewhat Beauty Most Unusual….

Call me immature but I dunno how comfortable I’d be with my man carrying around wipes for his ummm…err…you know.

But I’d love some sort of instructional video on how to use these, ya know, just in case I might be tempted to buy them in the future.

You can get your fella some wipes at, Yes, this is a serious product.

  • 4/26/11 11:42 Cj:

    Oh lord… I don’t even know what to say about this…


    • 4/26/11 11:47 the Muse:

      LOL CJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! as a dude, can you kindly share if you’d buy these? ;-D!


      • 4/26/11 12:21 Cj:

        Oh gawd lol umm… Probably not lol. I’m very hygienic, I shower every day, sometimes even twice a day. So I’d like to think that I’m always clean… down there… lol.


        • 4/26/11 12:35 the Muse:

          LOL Cj ;-D just checking ;-D you never know…for accidents and stuff??? LOL


  • 4/26/11 12:31 Rosemary:

    Mmmmmm, a mild orange scent. Mix that with a hint of chocolate and what do you get? Jaffas.
    From Wikipedia:
    “Jaffas is the registered trademark for a small round sweet consisting of a soft chocolate centre with a hard covering of orange flavoured, red coloured confectionery. The name derives from the Jaffa orange. The sweet is part of Australian and New Zealand cultural folklore.”
    I used to love going to the movies and sucking the red off the balls, thus exposing the soft chocolate center.


    • 4/26/11 12:34 the Muse:

      rosemary I have no words….none at all…LOL


    • 4/29/11 14:15 Majick:

      ROsemary, I may not have words but I do have a visual now that is a little difficult to shake. LOL


  • 4/27/11 9:08 Stellar:

    I’m at a lost for words…


  • 4/27/11 15:17 rose:

    official corporate sponsors for the remake of best little whorehouse in texas, their world headquarters is in vegas.


  • 4/27/11 15:18 Mary the Muse Militant:

    Well, I can say this is a good idea as some blokes need to gear up their hygiene habits a bit better than they do !! HeHe


  • 4/27/11 22:29 Ryan:

    …..People actually got paid for this idea. That’s still trying to process through my poor brain.


  • 4/28/11 12:14 katrosado:

    These would be great for Soldiers when deployed and not near their base (out on patrol or in a remote area where showers are not to be had easily) BUT—my son and husband already just pack baby wipes and I don’t know if I could sell them on this one. Baby wipes they can wash all over with from head to toe. These are for your manatomy haha.


    • 5/2/11 11:09 the Muse:

      actually katros that’s a very valid point ;-D!


  • 4/28/11 12:52 cassie:

    Well, Will I Am and Terrence Howard have been ridiculously vocal about how they require a woman to stock baby wipes so here is to hoping that they will become spokesmodels!


    • 5/2/11 11:09 the Muse:

      don’t forget condoms and wet sinks cassie ;-D ha!


  • 4/30/11 12:56 Mallory:

    Wait…did I just read everything I’ve read correctly….o__O


    • 5/2/11 10:15 the Muse:

      ha mallory ;D! yup!


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