Beauty Muse: EOS Nourish Hand Lotion Purse Packs Are Rather Brilliant But Wouldn’t It Be Great If…

Beauty Muse: Taking a perfectly great product but thinking up new and exciting ways to make it better.

I really dig those cute EOS Nourish Hand Lotion Purse Packs. Did you see those? How can you not every beauty blog around has them up for the past few weeks ha!

If you’re living under a rock and haven’t actually peeped ’em yet they are cute little squeeze hand lotions.

They seem really kawaii but wouldn’t it be great….

If they were scented like the lip balms? Right now they have a cucumber scented one and something they called “refresh” so I assume that’s some refreshing scent but how fab would it be if you could get them in lemon, summer fruit, sweet mint, etc…

Now that would rock right?

Go on, admit it, that would be wouldn’t it?

How would you take EOS Nourish Hand Lotion Purse Packs and make them better?

  • 4/20/11 12:03 Maria:

    I love the summer fruit scent so yes, I definitely agree with you! I’ll definitely be picking these up though, as soon as I can find them. :)


    • 4/20/11 12:13 the Muse:

      wouldn’t that be brilliant Maria ;-D I’d buy a case!


  • 4/20/11 12:19 Christina:

    I dunno about the lotion packs but i do wish they included SPF in all their balms not just the lemon drop (though that is incredibly delish!)


  • 4/20/11 12:30 Audrey:

    That’s an AWESOME idea! Sweet mint and lemondrop all the way! I have the Refresh one right ow and it’s actually a very light, clean soapy floral. Not at all what I expected but very nice and not cloying at all. I won one from the EOS FB giveaway so I hope they send me the cuc one to try. 😀


    • 4/20/11 12:36 the Muse:

      brilliant audrey I was curious what refresh smelled like ;-D!


  • 4/20/11 16:16 S:

    A friend has both and while I love the packaging I didn’t like the scents of either. I’m not a fan of cucumber scent in general, and the refresh was too strong/floral for me. I wish they’d make them scent free and/or the same as the lip balms.


  • 4/21/11 10:57 Danielle:

    Great idea!

    I recently picked up the hand & body lotion and I am really loving it. I saw the purse packs on the shelf and now I am kicking myself for not picking one of them up. If they are anything like the hand & body lotion then I know I will love them. I bought the refresh hand & body lotion and it smells WONDERFUL. Very fresh.

    Please check out my blog for a mini haul I did on them.


  • 4/21/11 15:00 LollySue:

    I think it would be great to have the lotion in scents to match the lip balm. Unfortunately, due to an aloe allergy, I am unable to use the lotion. Thank goodness, it’s not in the lipbalm, which love, love, love the lemondrop. I know aloe is mositurizing, but I wish that companies wouldn’t put it in every darn thing!


  • 4/22/11 1:38 Isabel:

    Heh! So cute..


  • 4/24/11 2:17 butterdaisy:

    Haven’t found them in store either. :-( hopefully soon. I need more purse lotion too. I just ran out after letting everybody, including my husband, use mine all the time. LOL!


    • 6/1/11 19:23 lynn•:

      It should be available at your local Walgreens. That’s where I got mine from :)


  • 6/1/11 19:32 lynn•:

    I bought the refresh scent from Walgreens for under $5. I think it’s a bit pricey for the size but the only reason I chose EOS was because it could fit in my small clutch along with my cell for when I have to work. The scent is ok but after 5 mins it starts to smell like Miss Dior Cherie…. anyone have the same experience?
    Anyhow, in my experience it doesn’t moisturize very well since I have to reapply every hour.


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