C.O. Bigelow The Classic All Purpose Salve Apple Rose Salve

As far as I’m concerned a tin of Rosebud Salve is the Solution to Life, the Universe, and Everything but maybe the real key is Apple Rose Salve!

C.O. Bigelow competes with Smith’s for my attention here with their new All Purpose Salve in an Apple Rose flavor. Doesn’t that sound terribly wonderful or maybe terribly gross…hmm..apple and roses? No, no definitely wonderful!

Apply to your lips, your face, elbows, knees, chapped dry skin, use it for cuts, on dead hair ends, anywhere! That’s the best part of this salve, it’s ability to multitask as a cure all! That’s why you need a tin of salve and a towel for those of us Hitchhiking through the Galaxy.

Not too tempted by the Apple?

No worries C.O. Bigelow does a traditional rose flavor too plus the price is $5.50 a bit cheaper than Smith’s version for the budget shopper!

I wants to try the Apple Rose though!

Available now at Bath and Body Works.

  • 4/5/11 14:30 Nora:

    Even though I typically think lip tins are a big, unclean hassle, this flavor might win me over!


  • 4/5/11 14:48 Audrey:

    I got this the other day! Pretty good deal when you consider that B&BW is always running their buy 2, get 1 lip deal. They also had a Blueberry version and I want to say a Lemon one too… But Blueberry for sure. It’s a nice tart apple scent. Delish 😀


    • 4/5/11 14:56 the Muse:

      mmm are you sure that was the salve Audrey and not the new balm sticks??!


      • 4/7/11 20:24 Audrey:

        You’re right, the lemon one is a balm stick, but they definitely have a Blueberry Rose Salve too! Went today to pick up my BBW Club gift and checked to make sure.


        • 4/8/11 9:48 the Muse:

          audrey omg gotta go see ;D!


  • 4/5/11 14:55 Joanne:

    I love the re-design on their tins! It looks a lot more eye-catching than the original packaging.


  • 4/5/11 15:04 Kat:

    I love the new tins! I have the original, but my tin is blue. Another thing to add to my “get it” list!


  • 4/5/11 16:59 Liz!:

    I saw this in there the other day and it smells wonderful!!! Idk why I didn’t pick it up then, I definitely need it in my life soon!


  • 4/5/11 18:34 Marilyn @ Lipgloss and Spandex:

    I love the original rose salve, but I smelled the new apple and blueberry scents at the BBW outlet over the weekend… yuck. I didn’t care for them at all!


  • 4/5/11 20:33 Ludwig:

    I smelt the apple one the other day and it’s really subtle. Its not a strong apple scent, it’s a little fruity. It complements the rose scent really well. I think you should try it Muse!


    • 4/6/11 9:41 the Muse:

      def ludwig ;-D must have apples and roses ;D!


  • 4/5/11 21:39 Mary the Muse Militant:

    I never did get the Smith’s rosebud salve but ended up getting Lucas PawPaw ointment instead.


  • 4/6/11 0:45 Cara:

    yes! Such a big fan of the original rose salve. 😀


  • 2/25/12 12:53 iris Judy:

    I love the original design which is purple w/rose color writing. I am planning write to company bring back old one. new one, I really don’t care it, felt a Cheap vision. like all the new design and products run now at Body and bath, pretty cheap , down grade. I no more buy things there.
    beside this Rose salve.
    I did get apple and blueberry but I like original one anyhow.


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