Clean Cotton T-Shirt Eau de Parfum Review

For Summer 2011, Clean has launched two new fresh fragrances one of which is Cotton T-Shirt. This isn’t the first time Clean has gone with a cotton-like scent as they do already have a Warm Cotton Parfum however Cotton T-Shirt seems to have lighter, fresher notes to my nose.

It deserves to be mentioned I really don’t heart cotton scents and Clean is about the only brand to convince me otherwise as they really capture the essence of your favorite, soft threadbare cotton t-shirt.

Let’s take a peek at their new fragrance!

Clean gets this one spot on with that freshly laundered T-shirt scent. Light, airy, with notes of Cotton Flower to create a crisp freshness and traces of Bergamot which gives the blend that soft, just from the laundry cleanness.

As this is a Summer scent it goes far lighter than other Clean Fragrances. It’s very clean and crisp, kinda the scent of a t-shirt that’s just been removed from your dryer. The inspiration behind the fragrance is perfectly captured here.

I get a strong yet light note of Bergamot on the opening and what Clean calls “Fresh Laundry Accord” as a very dominate opening note. Dry down consists of traces of Rosewood and Warm Mush with just the right touches of a sheer, subtle Amber.

The fragrance is pure yet clean, fresh and complex, and indeed that of a freshly washed T-Shirt. You’ll want to wrap yourself up in it!

A perfect light scent for Summer!

I only wished it would have lingered longer on me, I needed to retouch within four hours or so however body chemistry does depend on the wear time.

Quite lovely, quite Muse Approved for purchase.

Really love this for Summer wearin’!

Have you sniffed it yet?

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  • 4/14/11 3:08 Irene:

    Of all the CLEAN scents, which would you say is your favorite and why?


    • 4/14/11 10:05 the Muse:

      I really like the harmony ones Irene as they have this refreshing herbal minty thing going on that’s smells so gorgeous! but they tend to wear away really fast sadly. I used to love Fun as well (it’s gone now) since it was such a playful, effervescent scent, I have some of this still to this day <3 and of course the original, because it's such an innovative scent, there's nothing like it on the market imho ;-D it's fresh, it's clean, it has that just out of the shower smell!


      • 4/15/11 4:59 Irene:

        Thanks a lot Muse! I have the original and want to try out some of the other scents but there are just SO many of them. *lol*


        • 4/15/11 9:52 the Muse:

          tell me about it Irene! lol! I really like the Harmony range particularly if you want to get away from the typical “clean” scent…these are more relaxing, spa-like :)


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