Do You Need It? Stila It Girl Palette #2 Review, Swatches, Photos

Stila hit us up with a new It Girl Palette and gave it a really creative name too, “It Girl Palette #2″…a little sarcasm there.

As we all know sequels are never as good as the original.

Do you need It Girl Palette #2? Is it an amazing follow up to It Girl Palette #1?



Not really.

Here’s the deal.

If you’re new to Stila and never tried the brand’s shadows before well It Girl Palette #2 is for you. Particularly if you’re a fond fan of nude and natural shades of color. The palette is dirt cheap at $14 and contains three shades that are very work friendly and elegant.

You get:

  • Eve (Brown with Gold Flecks)
  • Kitten (shimmering champagne nude pink)
  • Americano (matte tawny nude)

You’re looking at 0.32 oz total eyeshadow here and 9 gram per shadow which translates to¬† 2.55 g each of the regular size. But size isn’t an issue here because if you already own a ton of shadows there isn’t anyway you’ll hit pan here too soon.

Price is a reasonable $14 which is less than $5 per shade.

Moral of the story…

It works out to a great deal for those who haven’t tried Stila Eyeshadows and want to.


Experienced Stila girls…you’ll be disappointed.

The price has gone up from the original $10 to $14. I personally would have loved to keep the price point at $10 so you might be disappointed in this as well.

The shades all go well together however Eve is a disappointing boring matte if you aren’t a fan of the finish, raising my hand here, I’m not. And Kitten and Americano go well together but Americano’s formula isn’t as velvety as Kitten’s.

Stila shadows are normally very pigmented with a rich, buttery velvet formula that has sparkle to it but comes across very frosty as well. Kitten is the perfect example of the formula however Americano is a bit gritty and feels more like a liner shade than an actual all over color shadow. The formula feels semi-matte with bits of glitter thrown into the mix.

Granted, I do think the shades go well together but if you really had to lay it on the table here only Kitten is in tip top shape compared to the other two.

Speaking of Kitten….

Yes, it’s in there.

As an experienced Stila junkie I have about 150 shades of Kitten in most palettes I own and you probably do too….need I say more?

Overall, the Stila It Girl Palette #2 will prove a cute budget option for the budding, new Stila girls to check out and enjoy. However, for those familiar with the brand you might experience a twinge of disappointment.

The palette is available now at

Will you be buying it?

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This product was purchased by the Muse for review purposes.
Read my full disclosure statement here.

  • 4/20/11 20:34 Brooke:

    Extremely disappointed! I found them to be really chalky and they even cracked/broke within the first few days of having them. WTF? I usually never take makeup products back – for one, I am usually too lazy and two, I always find excuses to keep it :) But this, I made an exception for and took it back…ick!


    • 4/21/11 9:14 the Muse:

      wow really brooke? no issues here with chalkiness or cracking…:-/


      • 4/21/11 11:07 Brooke:

        Maybe I got a dud :(


        • 4/21/11 16:18 the Muse:

          brooke maybe not! someone just said there kitten cracked in the pro palette :-/


  • 4/20/11 20:57 Vijaya:

    Kitten was a deciding factor in me not getting this. Sorry, I don’t need one more pan. I’ll never even manage to use up ONE.


  • 4/20/11 21:35 Comrade Garlic:

    Stila, please retire Kitten. There are only 5 women in the US who do not own at least 20 pans of it. Don’t renamed it either, we will know.


    • 4/21/11 9:10 the Muse:

      LOL comrade you crack me up!


  • 4/21/11 0:34 justine:

    i like stila’s palettes usually, but i agree this disappointed me a bit….
    14$ isn’t dirt cheap, btw. well, at least for me.


    • 4/21/11 9:03 the Muse:

      hey justine sorry ;-D was comparing to their normal range, general statement that it’s dirt cheap compared to the normal shadow range ;-D


  • 4/21/11 0:58 Soo:

    definitely don’t like the price up for less impressive eyeshadows.. I agree and like the first palette more.


  • 4/21/11 15:13 LollySue:

    I do think it’s sucky that the price went up, as $10 was such a steal. However, I won’t be buying it due to the inclusion of Kitten. I wish Stila would stop putting Kitten in everything, because I hate it. It is just a glittery, disco-ball mess.
    Also, I got the Stila Pro Artist palette, and after only 2 days, the top layer(s) of the Kitten shadow broke and is still shedding small pieces of itself everywhere, though all of the other shadows are fine. I probably just need to pry it out.


    • 4/21/11 16:14 the Muse:

      aw lolly sorry to hear about the pro palette, gosh I didn’t have issues with stila shadow breaking off, what in the world is going ;-D!!!!!! I agree I loved the $10 price point damn shame it’s now $4 MORE!


      • 4/21/11 18:55 LollySue:

        Yeah, it was weird. I have several other Stila palettes and never had any problems with any of the shadows. I hadn’t even dropped the Pro Artist palette or anything, when I opened it to find Kitten crumbling away. Actually, I should be grateful that the shadow that broke was one I can’t stand – LOL!


        • 4/26/11 10:26 the Muse:

          LOL Lolly ;D! one less kitten to deal with!


  • 5/21/11 23:25 Lindsey:

    When I first saw this I wanted it for the price alone! Then my mom purchased this for my brothers girlfriend at $10 in an outlet while it was $14 everywhere else. Urban outfitters just marked it down to $5 by me. For $5, it’s great! Although I did already have kitten… Whoever said they had problems with the shadows breaking, you aren’t alone. It’s the reason I haven’t bought stila in a while. all of my shadows have broken from them. Once again, for $5, no complaints.


  • 1/9/13 4:43 Natalie:

    Great review! I found this palette for $6 at Marshall’s awhile back and for that price I had to have it!

    One quick edit: Americano is the darker brown, and Eve is the matte shade


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