Harajuku Lovers Bathing Beauties Bag Collection

Scrubby dub, dub! Hang out with the Harajuku girls in the tube with their new Bathing Beauties Bag Collection available now at Sephora.

Check it!

I’m loving the bath theme but I’d love it even more if they stuck with a mermaid one for Summer! The mermaid print has actually been released before but not at Sephora so I’d have loved to see that buy hey I’m all for the Bathing Beauties as well, looks pretty cute.

The collection includes:

  • Pencil Case: holds all your pencils, brushes, and touch-up tools. $18
  • Cosmetic Case: the perfect purse size, this bag is great for the woman on the go.
  • Wristlet: a slim silhouette keeps touch-up essentials close at hand, in style.
  • Travel Case: perfect for jet-setting, gym trips, and organizing your beauty tools at home.
  • Spa Tote: great for a day at the beach, this bag sits comfortably on your shoulder so you can easily transport your must-have products from destination to destination. $48
  • Shower Cap: keep hair dry and frizz free while you’re in the tub.

I like the Spa bag! Might just pick that up with my next Sephora order.

Whatcha think?

  • 4/26/11 12:57 Regina:

    ooh the spa bag is cute! the shower cap reminds me of the hello kity shower cap which i already have……i dont really need another one of those but its so cute! i wanna collect em all! like pokemon ><


  • 4/26/11 19:17 Krystin:

    these aren’t too new. i bought the large one about a year ago


    • 4/26/11 19:17 the Muse:

      nope the print was done a year ago krystin but the bags, made for the beauty collection, are actually new :)


  • 4/27/11 10:30 Tina:

    These bags are too adorable!! Love love love


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