JK Jemma Kidd Spring 2011 Collection

The JK Jemma Kidd Spring 2011 Collection should be at your local Target already. I kinda love that Target releases their color collections so much later than everyone else because it really does feel like a Spring Collection ya know? As most brands we hear about Spring all the way in January so it’s nice to see something releases in May right on time for Spring.

Let’s take a peek!

JK Jemma Kidd In Vogue Perfect Blush Quad $18 (3 Shades)

JK Jemma Kid Glitterati Shadow Dust Duo $18 (3 Shades)

JK Jemma Kidd City Chic Lip Kit $22

Jemma Kidd City Chic I-Kit $22

Whatcha think?

I kinda both love and hate Target’s higher end beauty options. On some levels I’m like oh, cool posh beauty at Target where as on other levels I’m kinda like, jeepers, that’s too expensive for Target.

I kinda like the looks of the Glitterati Shadow Dust Duo though! Might need one of those!

  • 4/21/11 22:47 Phyrra:

    I still feel like Jemma Kidd is too expensive in price for Target. That said, I love the packaging on the lip tower thingies. I also keep meaning to try Jemma Kidd’s makeup, since I loved her book.


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