Korres Eyeshadow Quads

Korres has some gems in the eyeshadow world. Take for example, the gorgeous shade of Plum that came with the Sugar Plums Gift Set.

Total must have peeps!

Korres has sets of shadow quads available for a while now but I never really took a sec to blog ’em.

Take a peek!

The quads are $24.50 each and feature four full size Korres Sunflower & Evening Primrose plus a Korres ProVitamin B5 & Rice Bran Mascara.

These are available in three shade selections.

Korres Eyeshadow Natural Quad

  • Golden
  • Brun
  • Light Pink
  • Rose Pink

Korres Eyeshadow Cool Quad

  • White
  • Silver
  • Purple
  • Plum

Korres Eyeshadow Warm Quad

  • Olive Green
  • Nude
  • Bronze
  • Brun

I indulged in the Warm and Natural Quad just now!

Will have a review up shortly.

All three quads are available now at beauty.hsn.com

  • 4/26/11 19:17 Maria:

    These look really pretty and it looks like a good value too.


  • 4/26/11 23:02 Cara:

    omg LOVE Korres and these palettes look great! I agree the Plum shade is gorg!


  • 4/26/11 23:48 Brooke:

    rice bran MASCARA????!!!!! yeesh, that can’t be 2 healthy 4 the eyes…use this with caution i’d say, girls…don’t let that heavy duty price tag fool ya…$$$$$$$$$$$$$


    • 4/27/11 3:08 Jessi:

      I’m confused. What’s wrong with rice bran mascara?


      • 4/27/11 15:09 Michelle:

        Yeah, me too… Pretty sure it’s rice bran oil or rice bran wax used in it… unless you have an allergy?


      • 4/27/11 15:13 rose:

        the rice bran is a natural product used to expand the lashes and hold curl without unhealthy ingredients…


        • 4/27/11 23:26 Brooke:

          ohhh i c…i was just thinkin how maybe that’d be irritating 4 some peeps with sensitive eyes n such…but i guess it’s just the opposite, eh? thanx 4 clearin that up :]


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