Lancome Bronze Azure Summer 2011

Shhh beauty confession.

I’m sorta tired of highlighting powders, ya know the pretty ones.

Please don’t be horrified k?

Honestly, I really am kinda tried of the endless array of highlighting powders. Lancome and Estee Lauder are really big on ’em. Particularly Lancome who has a knack for releasing one with every single collection lately. Now Lancome calls them a blush of sorts but in most cases they aren’t pigmented enough to act as a blush so let’s rename that bad boy to highlighter powder, k? Cool.

But I will say that the new Lancome Desert Rose Subtle Shimmering Blush in Island Horizon…well that’s looking all kinda of hot!

Let’s take a look at a few odd pieces that have popped up for Lancome Summer 2011.

Lancome Desert Rose Subtle Shimmering Blush in Island Horizon $40

Lancome Color Design Eye Shadow Quad Heat Wave $42
Colors include Beige, Peachy Keen, Copper and Dark Brown

Lancome Color Design Eye Shadow Quad Molten Shore $42
Colors include Flower, Turquoise Blue, Violet Heat and Lava

As soon as I have more details about Lancome Summer 2011 I’ll happily share but I thought you’d enjoy a glimpse of what’s to come at the very least.

I love the quads! So pretty particularly the nude one and like I said that blush looks quite lovely.

What do you think?

Update: Oops apologies Lancome Summer 2011 is available now online.

  • 4/14/11 14:46 eight:

    The Heat Wave quad looks soooo much like my Smashbox Ultimate Eyes – Blue quad (I think you can only get it in that kit). I wonder how close they are?

    Molten Shore looks absolutely gorgeous.


    • 4/14/11 14:48 the Muse:

      mm I don’t have the smashbox UE eight ;-D so not sure on that one but it does look gorg doesn’t it? they both do!


  • 4/14/11 17:00 telle:

    hey Muse! the second quad is nice but the first one is a big let down, I think. Last year the “quad” actually had six f/s shadows and featured *really* nice bronzy/summery colors! it is a cult classic for me… 😉

    I have to say I agree with you about the powders….! I am enjoying Smashbox’s duo cream cheek color from the spring ’11 line, and then i add my own shimmer over top (b/c i LOVES shimmer). i can’t be bothered with EL and Lancome’s fancy powders (too pretty to use and just not worth wasting money on if they only have a shimmery overlay, which bugs me to no end, and highlight…i have many highlighters…!).

    Happy Thursday, Muse! 😀


    • 4/15/11 13:28 the Muse:

      telle I’m having a senior moment and can’t remember last years lol have to look it up! ;-D I’m totally with you, they just aren’t special lately ;-D Happy Friday my dear since I’m late replying..have a wonderful weekend by way long time no speak!


  • 4/14/11 18:22 Tanarra:

    Muse, I so AGREE with you with the highlighting powders. Remember how years ago (I think it was more like three) when we might see one per season? Now they’re everywhere, especially printed ones (followed by printed eyeshadows).

    I mean, who wants something so pretty they won’t use X10?


    • 4/15/11 12:08 the Muse:

      tanarra it really takes the joy out of it doesn’t it? If they offer it ever so often it’s special but EVERY season and it’s not so special anymore :-/


  • 4/14/11 18:55 katrosado:

    On my moniter that blue looks like the blue that’s in the Estee Lauder summer palette or very similar. Both quads are lovely but I’m not sure I don’t already have something that is close enough to pass for them in my collection. I am a bit tired of all the highlighters too. I have a drawer full of them although the majority are Estee. I’ll have to check out Lancome Desert Rose Subtle Shimmering Blush, I don’t remember seeing that one.


  • 4/14/11 19:01 katrosado:

    Er Muse nevermind that’s the name of the highlighter Haha. I’m very sleepy today and must have dozed while typing 😀 I’m currently loving me some Estee Starfish bronzer blush from the summer collection 2011 but I do want to see the lancome one because the copper intrigues me. Love copper. If they continue to combine blush and highligter with yummy colors like above I might have another drawer full of these. I’m sure Mr. Kat will not be amused. ahahaha


  • 4/15/11 2:33 Neutralgirl:

    Um normally the Lancome quads look nice and sleek but r these a cardboard of sorts? The packaging looks kind of cheap but I would have to c it in person.


  • 4/15/11 7:23 Patricia Clemens:

    I like the first one, although I have more neutrals than I could ever use up. I guess I am just wondering though why everyone offers blue for their summer line?


    • 4/15/11 9:51 the Muse:

      Patricia it compliments bronze nicely :) plus they go for the oceany teals and aquas, very Summer-like 😀


  • 4/15/11 11:06 Jes:

    First of all…love your site! All of the Korean cosmetic reviews are great. I wish I had discovered your reviews before my trip to Korea this past Fall. I would have purchased an extra suitcase and filled it.

    Anyway…the eyeshadow quads looks very similar to the summer collection from two or three years ago. Packaging, colors and all. Still pretty.


    • 4/15/11 11:55 the Muse:

      aw jeepers thanks jess! ha! ;-D did you haul anything while you were there ;-D True! although the blush appears unique dontcha think?


  • 4/15/11 13:03 Jes:

    Oh yes. Definitely picked up a few blushes from Skinfood and Nature Republic. By Flower Primer from Nature Republic (gold in it?). And a great cheap lip stain from Tony Moly (Tony tints). I was really apprehensive and almost didn’t buy anything, because I could barely walk by a shop without a costume clad sales girl screaming at me and trying to tackle me…it was crazy!

    Yes, the blush is unique. I just don’t know if it is unique enough to buy this season. Though I’ve always loved their formulas. If you pick it up, I look forward to your review!


    • 4/15/11 13:12 the Muse:

      HA jes! ;D sounds like the Bath and Body Works SA’s here. A friend of mine that shopped for me in the past said they used to love when she came in with my lists ;-D They’d all go nuts as they knew she was in for a big haul haha! I’m kinda debating at the moment, I like it but I agree with you, is it really all that unique that I need it? 😀 PS was that your first trip to Korea? I’ve never been. Only Japan and Thailand but I really want to get to Korea one day!


      • 4/15/11 13:53 Jes:

        Haha! I never need it, but then, I do :)

        Yes, it was my first time. I was adopted from Korea when I was two, and had never been back until last year. I fell in love with everything, and am now in the process of trying to move there for a year or two. I just wish I had studied the language a bit. People had no idea what to make of me speaking English! Japan AND Thailand …so jealous. My brother has been going to Thailand a lot lately. He said it is so beautiful and the people are really kind.


        • 4/15/11 13:58 the Muse:

          LOL ;-D I hear you jess.

          Is your family here Korean? My friend sam is the same, she was adopted and isn’t too familiar with Korean cultures, language, etc…

          I absolutely love the Korean culture…well just Asian culture in general I guess :) it’s so very fascinating. Oh my that’s amazing. Take me with you, take me with you! Thailand is amazing, I lived their for a brief period, kinda a few months so I consider it live. the people are amazing but I kinda feel that way about most Asian cultures, they always seem so very welcoming and warm!


          • 4/15/11 14:57 Jes:

            No, my adoptive parents are caucasian. Although, many of my siblings were are also adopted – Korean, Native American, etc. So it was a unique childhood! I didn’t really start looking into my roots until a few years ago. It’s been interesting and scary, happy and heartbreaking; as your friend Sam might understand.

            Sure, the more the merrier! I’ll need someone to shop with anyway. I don’t think my husband will be good at selecting a BB cream.

            I totally get your fascination. It’s so, well, foreign (irony noted)! It’s almost the polar opposite of western, American culture.

          • 4/15/11 15:02 the Muse:

            You have a unique family jes, it must have been such an adventure growing up! I bet it is scary, have you actually tracked down any of your family in Korea? LOL! I’d go in a heartbeat ;-D just for the food alone haha!

            Gosh yes, it’s a surreal experience particularly Japan, for some reason Japan is strange and wonderful compared to what we know in the US. It’s a great adventure to say the least.

  • 4/15/11 13:24 winni:

    Molten Shore will be mine! :)


    • 4/15/11 13:26 the Muse:

      and mine winni! ;D


  • 5/13/11 20:34 S:

    I went by the Lancome counter at Macy’s today and that blush is really pretty. I’d call it a blush/bronzer combo and it’s quite pigmented. They’re starting a GWP on Sunday (a tote bag and you get to pick 5 products), so I did a pre-order…couldn’t help myself!


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