NARS Summer 2011

NARS Summer 2011 11

NARS Summer 2011 “boasts bright colors reminiscent of the tropics. Neon orange gives an unexpected pop of color along with bright white, coral and cantaloupe. The highlight, Cap Ferrat Trio Eyeshadow, fuses three cool-toned variations of teal for an effortless day-to-evening transition.”

They had me at coral and cantaloupe….


NARS Cap Ferrat Trio Eyeshadow $45 (Icy sea foam, silver green, and icy turquoise)

NARS Summer 2011 2

NARS Dogon Duo Eyeshadow $33 (Metallic taupe with icy green sheen; charcoal black)

NARS Summer 2011 4

NARS Exotic Dance Duo Eyeshadow $33 (Metallic white with silver sheen; metallic gold)

NARS Summer 2011 6

NARS Queen Soft Touch Shadow Pencil $24 (Citrus gold glitter)

NARS Summer 2011 10

NARS New Order Highlighting Blush $27 (Soft pink with gold and silver shimmer)

NARS Summer 2011 9

NARS Wonder Lip Gloss $24 (Sheer mandarin orange with pink and gold shimmer)

NARS Summer 2011 12

NARS Mayflower Lipstick $24 (Sheer shimmering raspberry)

NARS Summer 2011 8

NARS Bolero Velvet Matte Lip Pencil $24 (Pink cantaloupe)

NARS Summer 2011 1

NARS Carthage Pure Matte Lipstick $25 (Hot pink)

NARS Summer 2011 3

NARS Kismet Nail Polish $17 (Metallic sunflower)

NARS Summer 2011 7

NARS Ecume Nail Polish $17 (Opaque white)

NARS Summer 2011 5

The NARS Summer Collection 2011 will be available beginning April 15th at

Will you haul from this collection?

  • 4/13/11 13:03 Courtney:

    Love the eyeshadow trio and the matte lipstick but everything else kind of bores me. The eyeshadow trio looks awesome though.


  • 4/13/11 13:21 Josie:

    Love it! I want:

    -Dogone eyeshadow duo (reminds me of Rajasthan or Tzarine, have both and love them!)
    -Wonder lipgloss (never say no to a coral!)
    -Mayflower lipstick
    -New Order blush (so happy the finally came out with a new blush)

    What are you getting Muse?


    • 4/13/11 13:28 the Muse:

      Josie def wonder lipgloss, new order, mayflower lipstick, and I kinda like the looks of NARS Exotic Dance Duo Eyeshadow ;-D


  • 4/13/11 14:25 Marle:

    The lip products look hot! I’m especially interested in the mayflower lipstick and pink cantaloupe lip pencil. Thinking about the color “pink cantaloupe” makes me drool a little :D


  • 4/13/11 15:04 Isis:

    wow! I neeed the pink cantaloupe and the gold glitter pencil. It all looks so yummy!


  • 4/13/11 22:19 layra:

    omg the mayflower lipstick looks adorable. i need it :)


  • 4/14/11 14:02 Majick:

    Oh dear… I always love a good exotic dance. LOL
    And I have to agree the Wonder lip gloss is gorg.
    The jury is out until I swipe the lipstick, and pencils.
    I already have bright teal/turquois/etc. so I could probably forgo that one.
    THe blush was prettier to me when I mis-read and thought it was an eyeshadow. I’ll have to swipe that one as well.


  • 4/17/11 14:05 Samantha:

    Mm digging the lip pencil.
    And New Order does not look “Soft pink with gold and silver shimmer” to me at all >_< It's purple!


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