NP Set Wake Me Up Day Cream Review

I recently reviewed the new NP Set NP Set Say Goodnight Night Cream for you which is part of the new skincare collection available from NP Set at Target.

I’m feeling the skincare for those in their later teens and early twenties or those who want quality skincare with a smaller price tag although some of the line is costly as the night cream is $29 as is the new Wake Me Up Day Cream.

In a really strange contrast I thought the day cream was a bit richer than the night cream. Weird eh? Wake Me Up Day Cream is a nice basic moisturizer if you’re in the market for one.

Let’s take a look!

A daily moisturizer with a paraben-free formula infused with floral, fruit, and planet extracts.

The paraben-free formula will gather interest for those seeking a mid range moisturizer sans alot of bells and whistles. The formula contains Rose Extract and Argan Oil to combat dryness and Moringa Seeds which help purify the complexion.

This is a pretty basic moisturizer for daily use but I thought it was strange the formula proved richer than the night cream or at least I thought so. Formula feels like a creamy gel to me but quite rich in texture that easily absorbs. It hydrates my dry skin very well however those who are greasy or oily might want to practice caution as this may be a tad too heavy. The moisturizer is quite heavily fragrance and smells like some sort of floral iced tea to me, it’s very pleasant but won’t prove as nice for those sensitive to scented skincare.

Sadly, it does not contain SPF which isn’t a huge issue for me as I prefer a 50+ SPF base prior to moisturizer anyway but some folks depend on getting their dose of SPF in their moisturizer and this sadly contains none. The paraben-free, natural formula will prove appealing to those who want a “good for you” formula but the moisturizer lacks anti-aging ingredients so might be best suited for lightweight wear but not daily use for more mature ladies.

I do think the product would be way more appealing with a few dollars shaved off the total price. At $29, I’m not sure how many buyers they will reel in since Target contains a huge array of drugstore moisturizers for about 75% less than that nearing $30 price tag. It’ll prove debatable of course since the quality is here with the formula that absorbs easily and does hydrate but some can argue that they’ll see the same from a ten dollar moisturizer but hey it’s really about what price point you are personally comfortable with.

  • Those with dry skin in need of a basic daily moisturizer that hydrates.
  • Younger skin ranging from later teens to early twenties.
  • Those looking for a paraben-free moisturizer.

  • Those wanting an SPF in their daily moisturizer.
  • Those wanting anti-aging ingredients in their daily moisturizer.
  • Those unwilling to spend over $20 on a moisturizer.
  • Those sensitive to fragrance in their skincare (I find the smell pleasant but it is strong so beware!)

I think the new NP Set Skincare Collection features some very nice, basic skincare products however the prices do disappoint me slightly and I’d love for them to cut a few bucks of each piece to make them more friendly for younger girl’s to take advantage of. Basic features, like an SPF in the daily moisturizer, would also make the product more market friendly.

Wake Me Up Day Cream is a nice basic, lightweight moisturizer but it needs a few little upgrades to appeal to me and the masses I imagine.

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