Stila Girl Travel Palette Stunning in Sayulita Stila Girl Travel Palette Haute in the Hamptons Stila Girl Travel Palette Striking in South Beach Stila Girl Travel Palette Wonderful in Waikiki Stila Girl Travel Palette Living Life in Laguna

Five new, exciting Stila Travel Girl Palettes are available for Summer 2011!

These new palettes feature two powder blushes and/or a highlighter and bronzer and four eyeshadows.

Let’s take a look!

Stila Girl Travel Palette Wonderful in Waikiki

Stila Girl Travel Palette Stunning in Sayulita

Stila Girl Travel Palette Striking in South Beach

Stila Girl Travel Palette Living Life in Laguna

Stila Girl Travel Palette Haute in the Hamptons

I love that they included a how to for each of the palettes. My main beef with the originals was the fact that some of them had shades that I was kinda confused about how to use, such as Stila Trendsetting in Tokyo, so I greatly appreciate a little how to get the look help!

The palettes are now $14 which is a $4 increase from the original $10 price point. If the quality is better than the originals I don’t mind paying more however I’ll probably be a bit tiffed if they do sport the same formula as the original releases since that was on the lower end of Stila’s brilliant line.

I’m taking time out to grab all five, simply because I’d like to review each here on Musings but if I had to choose Sayulita, Waikiki, and Laguna look the best to me!

On a side note, I def see some dupes here, don’t you?

Ulta has all the palettes listed but they are not yet in stock and do not have shades details available. I will update you when the info becomes available and when the palettes go on sale!

What do you think of the Stila Travel Girl Palettes Summer 2011?

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  • 4/7/11 19:10 Doanne:

    Wow gorgeous! I missed out on the $10 palettes (as they prove hard to be found in Canada) so I’ll definately be checking these out (after your review of course!)


  • 4/7/11 20:24 Olivia:

    I’m glad that they’re powder blushes! Those cream blushes got a bit nasty after a while :/


  • 4/7/11 20:31 Casey:

    Waikiki is beautiful! i would like it if it had 2 blush colours that differed more in colour though…it seems those two shades are pretty similar.


  • 4/7/11 20:33 Jessica:

    I want these, but have a reservation (A lot of dupes)
    I too like that they’re including face charts with it. A lot of people didn’t realize that face charts were created with the last sets (Thought Tokyo was awful until I saw the face chart) because they’re sort of hidden in that “travel map” thing on their site.


  • 4/7/11 21:52 rstar:

    love the idea of all the travel palettes and the E palettes, but the quality of stila just hasn’t been living up to the good ole days :( im thinking of switching to other eye shadows. def looking forward to your reviews of these before i think about buying!


  • 4/7/11 23:06 peacelovepanic:

    I’m drawn to Laguna, South Beach and Haute in the Hamptons—but i refuse to buy the Hamptons one if it includes kitten…i have a suspicion that the e/s in the top right may turn out to be kitten. I own way too many kittens!


  • 4/8/11 0:02 Kaitlin W.:

    I LOVE the South Beach one! Those periwinkles are so on-trend right now. Looking forward to your more in-depth review, though! :)


  • 4/8/11 0:25 Vijaya:

    I love how these have been revamped. They look nifty.

    I could swear I’ve seen the shadows in the Hamptons one before, though!


  • 4/8/11 5:13 Sexy Sadie:

    Living Life in Laguna is very much me.


  • 4/8/11 12:31 jenna:

    i really want haute in the hamptons!!! tokyo was my personal favourite of all the travel girl sets so far. i just use the eye shadows totally separately – didn’t even attempt putting them together! and i found i got great use from the convertible colour. i’m excited for this new version with two blushers yay :) i’m not into eye shadow so these are good little options to try cute shades for cheap!


  • 4/8/11 19:13 Savannah:

    Laguna looks A LOT like Road to Radiance (the USA one).
    I’m looking forward to reviews, I’ll probably end up getting one or two of these!



  • 4/9/11 3:22 Lisa:

    All of the other palettes seem dull compared to Sayulita. That would be the only one I picked. But I’ll wait to hear your review on quality first.


  • 4/9/11 13:14 Stellar:

    Sayulita and Laguna are so pretty! Cannot wait for the review.


  • 4/9/11 18:55 Elissa:

    I’m thinking Waikiki will be mine, but they all look fabulous.


  • 4/11/11 5:18 Irene:

    It’s interesting that two of them look so similar to two of the original travel palettes. *sigh* As much as I love Stila, and I do, I’m not remotely interested in these. And that makes me sad.


  • 4/11/11 15:33 kerstin:

    Extremely cute! Hope the’re for sale when I go to NY (yes!) for easter :)


    • 4/11/11 15:38 the Muse:

      they are darling kerstin ;-D I hope we all see them soon!


  • 4/25/11 22:18 Heather C.:

    I’m kinda diggin on the South Beach one!


  • 4/28/11 23:03 Soo:

    Hmm.. with the palettes that have come out, I’ve been realizing that these sneak peak photos really weren’t very accurate…


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