Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Summer Collection 2011

Damn you Victoria’s Secret and your Beauty Rush Double Mists!

Victoria’s Secret has updated their Beauty Rush Collection to feature some new, well, more than some, Beauty Rush products. Now you may recognize one or two of these scents so I assume they are either releasing the old scents as part of a new collection or just embracing new packaging for the line.

Either way, I hate Double Mists but man I’m so tempted to indulge in some of the newer scents as they call them “Fragrance Mists” now so I HOPE that means they reformulated as I’ll be every so excited if they did however looking at the bottles from here they still look very much like a Double Mist, dontcha agree?

Check it!

The collection features seven scents total some of which are familiar such as Juicy Berry and Candy, Baby others such as Plum Drop may or may not be left over from the Holidays do correct me if I’m wrong!

Each scent has the following products available:

  • Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Fragrance Mist
  • Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Daily Moisture Lotion
  • Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Shimmer Swirl Cream
  • Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Shower Gel, Bubble Bath, and Shampoo Three in One

Here’s the line up!

Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Juiced Berry (Wild Raspberry and Bright Strawberry)

Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Candy, Baby (Spun Sugar and Warm Vanilla)

Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Plum Drop (Soft Plum and Honeysuckle)

Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Secret Crush (Watery Fruits and Fresh Lily)

Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Love Addict (Fresh Strawberry and Almond Milk)

Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Sweet Tease (Whipped Cream and Sparkling Berries)

Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Wild Kiss (Juicy Pear and Apple Blossom)

So what do you think?

Can we hope that these are truly fragrance mists and not oily double mists?

I’m squinting and thinking about these scents and all of them appear to have been done before I think. Holiday, Valentine’s Day, etc..all pop into my mind but don’t quote me there.

Either way, I’ll will indeed indulge if they are reformulated.

Here’s to hoping for it!

Available now at Victoria’s Secret.

  • 4/13/11 15:21 auroragyps:

    Not sure how much you should go by the text on the bottles, since in the first pic the Plum Drop in the same bottle as the other two Fragrance Mists pictured with it, but it says Daily Moisture Body Lotion.

    Some of these sound good and since I’m not a fan of oil sprays, I hoping the same as you.


    • 4/13/11 15:26 the Muse:

      yeah auro, VS is legendary for not using proper images for some odd reason :)


  • 4/13/11 16:03 jenna:

    praying for normal body spray and not double mist! i need candy, baby, love addict, and sweet tease!!


    • 4/13/11 16:17 the Muse:

      if it’s normal body mist jenna I WANT ’em all :D!


      • 4/13/11 17:08 jenna:

        my sister uses that aweful double mist all the time and it makes the bathroom floor into a slippery death trap!!


        • 4/13/11 17:49 the Muse:

          jenna I’ve had more than one split in the bathroom b/c of it LOL!


          • 4/14/11 10:09 LaurieS:

            LOL Muse. I’ve done the same thing after my kid goes a little too wild with the silicone spray. It makes you flexible!

          • 4/14/11 10:13 the Muse:

            LOL Laurie! ;-D I swear I’d do any gymnast proud!

  • 4/13/11 18:38 VampiressDoll:

    Omg I just saw Candy Baby and then I just felt like them all! You’re so lucky to have Victoria’s Secret. Meh we need it in the UK XD


  • 6/21/11 3:48 Spicy Beautiful:

    I’m in love with plumdrop and the Beauty Rush line in general. I sure hope this has been reformulated to last longer!


  • 10/2/11 19:49 tooleswife:

    I use the double mist Love Addict (Fresh Strawberry Almond Milk) and I LOVE it. I have not felt; slimy, filmy, and oily or anything left behind on my stone floor after straying it on. What I did have was a long lasting scent that my son said was delicious. I went to the mall today only to find out the discontinued the double mist and its replacement is NOWAY is a replacement. The scent isn’t even the same. I am now looking online to find the old type to continue to smell delicious lol.


    • 1/19/14 16:05 Ashley Myers:

      I loved the juiced berry I wish I could find it again


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