5 Shades of Korres Cherry Full Color Gloss You Should Own

Korres Cherry Full Color Gloss has the knack for creating the perfect MLBB (my lips but better) experience every single time I wear it. I own quite a few shades of this fabulous gloss and really enjoy the formula but I think it’s the shades that really rock my lipgloss life.

Some of the color range is outstanding and many of the shades have become HG in my makeup bag.

Here are 5 Shades of Korres Cherry Full Color Gloss I think you should own (if you don’t already as a fellow Korres fan!).


Nude 33
I’m not keen on nude lips so I avoid beige or nude shades less I look all corpse bride like if and when I do indulge. However, 33 is probably one of the best shades you’ll find in the Korres Cherry Full Color Gloss range. It’s a sheer beige with a bit dusky nude pink going on and a golden gleam. Absolutely an essential gloss for those who love a nude lip!

Natural Purple 25
I consider 25 the equivalent to 33 but it’s more of a nude sheer dusty rose so if you aren’t keen on beige, go with 25 for more of a natural, nude pink. Either way I think they are both worth owning!

Plum 27
27, the most vibrant shade I own from the collection and an ideal color for those who want vibrant, loud, and gorgeous. Work it with a winged lined eye or a soft nude one so you don’t take away from the pigmented berry finish!

Fuchsia 54
For the chicks that want to wear fuchsia on the lips but are so scared of the shade. I know I look like a clown when I attempt a fuchsia lip but this shade is subdued enough to give my lips just the right dash of popping pink without being so loud that mom’s are asking me to perform at their kid’s b-day parties!

Rose 22
They call it golden rose, I call it Summer ready golden peach…! You won’t find a nicer shade of delicious, juicy coral, peachy, rosy goodness like this. The color is unique and truly special and sheer enough not to look overly done.

What are some of your must have shades of Korres Cherry Full Color Gloss?

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  • 5/17/11 15:32 Tammie:

    OMG Rose 22 looks wonderful! I might have to try it out, as I love my lip butter from them (in the tube)!


  • 5/17/11 15:49 auroragyps:

    22 is so pretty, but I can’t take a chance of not being allergic to Korres stuff. Darn stuff made with rose stuff!


  • 5/17/11 16:43 Barb:

    Oh, they all look nice!! I’ll have to check them out. Thanks :)


  • 5/18/11 9:37 Donna:

    Darn, I can’t do sparkles, too old for that!!


  • 5/18/11 10:14 Sara:

    after you wrote this I had to go home and dig out the one I had- It’s 33 by the way I love the smell and the color – your right is perfection a great nude. Perfect for a lazy summer day!


    • 5/18/11 10:45 the Muse:

      sara isn’t it amazing? The only thing I’d like was if the formula was a little thicker….! other than that the sahde is amazingggggggg!


  • 5/18/11 11:33 Lorraine ER:

    I have 4 out of 5 and I looove them! The consistency is awesome, not al all sticky and the shades are so flattering. Easy to work with..just all-around awesome…Great recommendation, Muse!


    • 5/20/11 14:13 the Muse:

      Lorraine they are fab aren’t they? I just wish for a thicker formula than they would be PERFECT!


  • 5/18/11 14:47 vonnie:

    i love them all, quite gorgeous. need to try them out


  • 5/18/11 16:18 Wendy A :):

    I’ve noticed that these look really similar in the tube but when you put them on they are totally different, BTW can’t live without light purple 23 it’s and everyday staple.


    • 5/20/11 14:13 the Muse:

      wendy love 23 ;-D great shade girl!


  • 5/18/11 19:29 Andrea:

    I’ve never tried these glosses (or anything by Korres) before, but all of these look wonderful. #22 is really calling my name!


    • 5/19/11 12:01 the Muse:

      oh andrea you must try some of their stuff ;-D they make fab skincare/makeup!


  • 5/19/11 16:36 Majick:

    33-25-22 hike! Thanks for the review, otherwise I may have passed on these. Now I may have to try one. Thanks Muse. :-)
    (have a great weekend – I’ll catch up with you on Monday)


    • 5/20/11 14:17 the Muse:

      my pleasure majick they sell them cheap in trios on their site girl! <3 happy weekend bebe!


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