Basin Shampoo Bars Trying Oh So Hard To Be Like Lush!

Dontcha just love a good dupe?

Basin has three stores in various parts of the US and an online shop which houses an array of very interesting Lush Cosmetic Dupes particularly the Shampoo Bars.

I reviewed Basin a few years ago, you can see my original post by clicking here.

They carry a more affordable line up of Bath and Body goodies that are very much Lush-like in their existence. Bath Bombs, Solid Conditioners, and Shampoo Bars like Hey, Blondie! are a little too close for comfort when it comes to Basin dupes that carry that Lush-like vibe we all know and love.

The good news about Basin?

Well, it’s def not the fact that they completely duped Lush Cosmetics line of products but is the fact they carry a cheaper line of product.

Basin Shampoo Bars are $7.99 and 2.29oz in size versus Lush’s which are $9.95 at 1.9oz.

It’s not a huge savings but if you’re really tight in the cash department you might want to check out Basin’s line or hey, if you’re just bored with Lush, but is that even possible?

Visit Basin’s online shop at

Happy Explorin’!

Have you tried Basin?

Love it?

Leave it?

Do share!

I’m a loyal Lushie but Basin is a cute alternative to indulge in sometimes.

  • 5/2/11 12:35 Tammie:

    For only a couple bucks of savings I’m sticking with Lush. I only think dupes are worth it if you are saving a ton (say $1.99 nail polish vs. Chanel). But then again I am a huge purist who has a thing for fancy name brands so yeah ^^;;;


    • 5/2/11 12:43 the Muse:

      ha tammie you aren’t alone there, same here ;D!


      • 5/2/11 12:51 Tammie:
  • 5/2/11 13:16 Appu:

    Who can even get bored of LUSH? 😉 There was another brand sold at Target called One which had a few too many lush dupes. I don’t see much of it anymore there!


  • 5/2/11 18:53 MC:

    I went to a Basin store while I was at Disney World last summer and picked up some soap and bath salts. Their products may LOOK like Lush but are not the same quality. I wasn’t impressed and almost everything smelled too perfumey for me.

    …except for the Mickey Ginger Ale Soap. That was the best item I found at Basin.


    • 5/3/11 9:53 the Muse:

      mc def not lush quality ;-D cute and cheap but not Lush ;D!


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