Baviphat Magic Band Lumy Lovely Eau de Toilette Review

What was that tag line from Field of Dreams? Build it and they will come? I need to steal that for cheap Asian Eau de Toilettes….”Make them and she will buy them…” That’s me, sucker punched into purchasing really bad EDT sprays from Korea.

I keep buying into cheapie EDT sprays because they are so damn cute but OMG they smell like…

Scented toilet paper….or as my reader and friend Bora used to say, feminine hygiene products.

My latest venture in the realms of Eau de Toilette Paper is the Baviphat Magic Band Lumy Lovely Eau de Toilette.

I think Baviphat has a range of three of these with a story theme about a girl musical band. Lumy being the piano player. Thankfully I didn’t decide to grab all of the scents as if Lumy is anything to go by they are probably awful.

Ok, maybe I’m taking it to the extreme here but the scent just reminds me of scented toilet paper and it’s not flattering in the least.

It’s a powdery, fruity, floral weirdness that I simply can’t get a handle on. It’s supposed to be a cheerful, fruity blend but I get strong fresher floral notes for the most part. It’s totally a scent my sister would love but I just can’t stand as it as it feels cloyingly floral to me.

Moral of the story?

Beware of Asian brands pimping fragrance because it likely smells like eau de toilette paper..!


No likey!

P.S. At least they gave her a cute name in the story, Lumy, and not something really lame-o like Pam the Piano Player! I’m thankful for small favors.


This product was purchased by the Muse for review purposes.
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  • 6/1/11 13:36 Fey:

    Kind of odd, but powdery scents are popular in S. Korea, especially among the young teen girls who get scolded for wearing stronger scents. Maybe it’s the appeal of the innocence of floral + baby powder. But oh man, hahaha, “eau de toilette paper.” That’s pretty funny. Ick.


    • 6/1/11 14:26 the Muse:

      BIG time pop fey ;-D haha! it’s true though right? very TP like :D!


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