Beauty Most Unusual: Pageant Mom Gives Botox to Her 8 Year Old Daughter

Those crazy pageant moms…

They’ll do just about anything to win. We discussed a child getting a wax treatment recently which was appalling however check out this pageant mom who gives her daughter Botox…

The worst part? The kid actually expresses that she wanted the botox!

What is the world coming to?

Moms, it’s not ok to give your little daughter Botox k? Even if she wants it.

  • 5/12/11 19:35 LaurieS:

    WTF? That mom needs psychological help. That poor child is going to be so messed up.


  • 5/12/11 19:38 Tammie:

    Even regardless of if it’s OK or not why on earth would a young girl NEED or WANT it? Isn’t it mostly use to smooth out wrinkles (and sometimes to help stop peoples pits from being gross, apparently)???


  • 5/12/11 19:50 Stellar:

    There was an article on Yahoo a while back on the mother getting her daughter plastic surgery on her ears because she doesn’t want to be bullied. The things parents do, and yes the kid wanted it as well.


    • 5/13/11 13:19 Ruthless:

      Actually, I knew a kid who had his ears fixed although it wasn’t considered unnatural or wrong at all, and this was 1988-they stuck straight out from his head and he used to come to Sunday school with them taped back after the surgery


  • 5/12/11 19:52 AngelicBetrayal:

    I saw this story on Good Morning America this morning and I was shocked. To be honest it really disgusts me how far pageant competitors will go…. I think there should be more regulations on substances like botox and procedures like this should be further investigated. *sigh* I don’t even know where to begin….


  • 5/12/11 19:58 Ryou:

    Kid obviously has no idea what neurotoxin means… >_>


  • 5/12/11 20:08 Kayvid:

    I’m speechless! :-(


  • 5/12/11 20:48 Isis:

    oh my good god!! how beautiful is that little girl, what wrinkles can she have? shame on that mother! poor little Britney’s self esteem seems so battered, how will this girl feel about her self and her body at 16… never mind that s**t is poison.


  • 5/13/11 0:09 LINDARRAGNAR:

    thats so sad. :(

    I hope she can feel pretty and beautiful without having to be “done up” or getting botox.


  • 5/13/11 6:12 karolina:

    Absolutely horiffic….a girl of her age should not know what botox even is!!

    Why is the mother allowing her daughter’s self esteem to be dictated by waxing, botox and pageants?

    And what is the mother getting from watching her daughter in pain?

    And the mother’s reply? ‘It’s safe’??? You are injecting a foreign substance into your little girl’s face!! How is that safe??

    Note to mum: start saving for those therapy sessions now, little Britney’s gonna need ’em


  • 5/13/11 9:00 Eve:

    Ugh people disgust me…I want to say more mean things about this mom but I will refrain. :p

    The poor girl is going to have so many body issues growing up. How sad.


  • 5/13/11 10:33 *telle*:

    that is disgusting. and people wonder where girls and women develop body image disorders from ):< !!! that mother has done a great injustice to her child by teaching her that her only value comes from how she looks and she'd better do everything she can to perserve it. by doing this, she has set her daughter up for failure in life because the message she has taught her daughter is that how she looks is valuable, not who she is.
    :**( sad.


  • 5/13/11 10:48 Moxie:

    I would like the next story to be about the Mother facing some charges. Why isn’t something being done to stop her from doing this to her daughter? And whomever supplied this woman with the Botox should be investigated as well. She wouldn’t name him, but the authorities should find out.


    • 5/13/11 13:22 JCz:

      Agreed Moxie, I was almost waiting for police to be there at the end of the story. The physician is wrong for dispensing the botox, and I can’t imagine that it’s legal for non-medical personnel to administer it for cosmetic reasons. This all aside from the fact that kids won’t have wrinkles! This is just so wrong on many levels, and it borders on abuse at the worst, neglect at the least.


  • 5/13/11 12:54 Becca:

    I’m not even going to watch this – it’s a woman abusing her child, pure and simple. The child should be taken away from her mother and rescued.


  • 5/14/11 17:38 Cynthia:

    I shook my head when I saw this. As a mother we are suppose to have some common sense what is good and what is not good for our own child. By the time she’s 18, she will have no facial expression at all.


  • 5/14/11 22:23 crissy k:

    Ewww. Is that legal? Looks like child abuse :(


  • 5/15/11 4:03 sara jo:

    I’m not sure giving your child botox is illegal. I don’t see it as child abuse. I see it as the effects of a society that places beauty before intelligence. What she is doing has little difference from a parent calling the child fat, putting them on diets, or calling the child stupid. The biggest difference is the substance injected. Sure, she is wrong. But, If we placed more honor to growing old instead of flooding everything with anti aging and all this other mess we wouldn’t have these issues. Everywhere else they solute gray hairs and wrinkles but here we act as if it’s a sin against God to grow old instead of a blessing. We have to fix the root cause and not the symptom or we will keep seeing stories like this.


  • 5/16/11 10:45 Ryou:

    Apparently, the girl is finally taken away from the mother. I doubt it would reverse the damage, but better late than never, I think? :/


    • 5/16/11 15:48 the Muse:

      I wouldn’t want to rip apart a family ryou…but I think this might be the best thing for that little girl…jeez botox? seriously?


      • 5/16/11 21:01 Cj:

        I just heard about it on the news! The child was taken away and CPS has custody now! This is so crazy, I feel really bad for the little girl. What the mom did was beyond stupid and clearly needs help but idk if I would rip apart the family like that.. hmm


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