Beauty Most Unusual:…the Botox Mom Just Wanted Her 15 Minutes of Fame Too!

Last week, we were morbidly fascinated with a pageant mom who candidly spoke about giving her eight year old daughter Botox injections for wrinkles but we weren’t shocked. We’ve reached a pinnacle in our relationship with those crazy pageant moms and anything they do nowadays is far from shocking….they’ll try anything once including waxing, botox, and prancing their kid in a thong on stage if it means winning!

Turns out the “Botox Mom” just wanted her 15 minutes of fame…!

The mom recently testified in court that The Sun supposedly paid her $200 to play the role of Kerry Campbell and was provided with the story and a script for her interview with Good Morning America.

$200? That’s it…? The good news is she got offered larger sums of cash to appear on Good Morning America and Inside Edition. Thankfully the peeps at child welfare services were watching telly because “the Botox Mom” lost custody of her child soon after her appearance on the tube.

In order to get her daughter back she declared that the story was completely falsified and her daughter was supposedly examined at ULCA’s Medical Center where doctor’s confirmed that her daughter had never received the injections…but…but…but…we saw her giving her injections on Good Morning America, it has to be true if we seen it with our own eyes right?

In the end, it seems like the Botox Mom just wanted her 15 Minutes of Fame too…

The things we do for fortune and glory…

  • 5/23/11 14:15 Jessica:

    Manchausen’s by proxy if I’ve ever heard of one


  • 5/23/11 14:26 so:

    In the case she actually did the botox injections, she’s a crazy irresponsable mother.
    In the case she didn’t, but asked her daughter to lie on TV to gain fame and 200$, she’s a stupid irresponsable mother.

    So in both cases, she’s a f**ked-up woman who is not able to take care of a child


  • 5/23/11 14:27 so:

    * irresponsible, sorry.


  • 5/23/11 14:48 Marina:

    That is just sick. That poor kid has been so manipulated.


  • 5/23/11 15:54 toni:

    disgusting mother!


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