Beauty News: Justin Bieber Someday Eau de Parfum Won’t Be Available At Walmart but This High End Department Store Will Carry It….

Ok, we probably should stop making fun of The Biebs upcoming fragrance now because…well….I dunno how to break this to you….

A high end retailer actually will be carrying Justin Bieber Someday and that retailer is…

Holy cow the sky has opened up and fireballs are raining down and I think hell has frozen over because Nordstrom is carrying the Biebs new fragrance.

*Head Desk*


You can preorder Justin Bieber Someday Eau de Parfum from Nordstrom right now and it will ship to you sometime in June or head into your local store to experience the joy when it releases early next month.

The new fragrance for her that gives back. It is the idea that someday we can change the world, make our dreams come true and even be with that one person who means everything. Beauty comes from within; it is universal. It is that something within us that informs our humanity and allows us to be better.

Sounds like The Bieb might have written that one up all by himself.

But you gotta give credit where credit is do…all proceeds from the sales of the fragrance are donated to charity…which one remains a mystery though…of course, the customary “Donations to charity are after taxes, expenses and company requirements” is thrown in for good measure…I’m terribly curious how much of the $35 price tag goes to charity…but I’m not dissing just being generally curious.

The real shocker is that Nordstrom is carrying it.

Next up in The Biebs worldwide beauty domination…Saks, Neiman Marcus, and Bendel’s!

Come over to Justin’s dark side, he has cookies and perfume.

Dude, imagine we actually like the way it smells?

Don’t believe me? Check it

  • 5/24/11 19:09 Maggie:

    Oh, man, the description cracks me up. Biebles never ceases to amuse me with his earnest sap-itude.


    • 7/8/11 5:19 hazel calla:

      how much is someday?


  • 5/24/11 19:10 Sydney:

    The packaging looks like a Lola rip-off.


    • 5/25/11 9:15 Kathy:

      ITA – – – if I was Marc Jacobs, I’d be pi$$ed!


  • 5/24/11 19:15 Lulee:

    Ugh this makes me sad. There are ppl that pour their sweat and blood into cosmetics lines that will never be carried at nordstro,m and yet JB, who prob had zero input in the development of this perfume, can get it carried in nordstrom. Not fair!


  • 5/24/11 19:16 Winni:

    I refuse to like it! Even if it smells like heaven and makes me look like Gisele! Wait, it’s only $35?! And it’s at Nordie’s? Color me confused.


  • 5/24/11 19:21 Resa:

    Oh geez. Though, not surprised! They’re carrying Katy Perry’s one too.


  • 5/24/11 19:34 Donna:

    I was just gonna say that. Looks a little too MJ Lola to me.


  • 5/24/11 19:49 Ally:

    honestly…haha the packaging reminds me of the Lush sex bomb bath bomb…which looks like a vagina. Haha thats immediately what this made me think of..haha and Im not even a pervert!


    • 5/25/11 9:50 the Muse:

      vagina ally..just what the bieb was going for….LOL!


      • 5/25/11 21:28 Ally:

        Hahaha you know it!!!


  • 5/24/11 19:51 Alyssa:

    Actually this doesn’t surprise me that much. It seems Nordstrom is trying to appeal to younger audiences as of late, case in point: the “Twilight” line of clothes they released last year.

    But yeah that bottle is a definite Lola rip-off


  • 5/24/11 19:55 auroragyps:

    I think the top looks like a bunch of heart shaped cookie cutters that were heated up, stretched out, & slapper/stacked together. OPI did much better with imagination dept. with the Bieber polish colors from Nicole.


  • 5/24/11 19:58 Eve:

    I really hope this smells bad, then I DEFINITELY know I wont want it!


  • 5/24/11 20:08 milan:

    actually, it looks nice. i hope it’ll be a fruity fragrance instead of a flowery one :-). i love jb♥


  • 5/24/11 20:13 Ally:

    I will admit that I went to the JB movie and really liked it. Haha.


    • 5/24/11 20:14 the Muse:

      ally that’s on the internet for everyone to see…are you sure you don’t want me to delete that comment? ;-D haha


  • 5/24/11 22:20 popcandy3:

    that’s not nice muse…


    • 5/25/11 9:38 the Muse:

      mmm popcandy def not being too mean here ;-D but my snark knows no bounds when it comes to the biebs…he’s kinda a funny little kid I can’t help but giggle at sometimes ;D!


  • 5/24/11 22:46 M:

    The apocalypse is coming…….


    • 5/25/11 9:37 the Muse:

      lol M I spit my tea out there laughing ;D!


  • 5/25/11 8:17 tee:

    One great big huge monstrous money making machine that boy is!

    Smartly done all these stuff when he’s on top of the world!


  • 5/25/11 8:39 Erin:

    Nordstrom?!?!? I think I just gagged a bit. I can buy a Versace bag and JB perfume in one trip!


  • 5/25/11 11:19 Majick:

    and WHO is Justin Bieber? (psych) Sorry, couldn’t help myself. Seriously, I only know who he is because of all the fun that is poked about his hair.


    • 5/25/11 12:17 the Muse:

      ha majick no worries I was all about calling the Jonas brothers, the Jonie brothers..I was that out of the loop and hadn’t a clue who the freak they were several years ago ;D!


  • 5/25/11 12:16 popcandy3:

    he donates 100% of proceeds to charity so that’s good


    • 5/25/11 12:17 the Muse:

      yup I said that in the post popcandy 😉 curious minds what charity it is…


  • 6/1/11 17:08 Andi:

    i just saw this fragrance on the Sephora website.

    head. wall.


    • 6/2/11 9:38 the Muse:

      oh god andi please don’t say that! LOL!


  • 12/19/13 16:27 santaijah:

    I love Justin bieber


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