Bliss The Youth As We Know It Anti-Aging Moisture Lotion SPF 30

The Torchwood Miracle Day trailer is making the rounds on the Internet this week. What I say? Lame-o! Perfectly brilliant show that they’ll add too much “America” too…seriously….but I’m willin’ to eat my words if it turns out good.

Speaking of miracles, we all need one to preserve our youth perhaps the new lightweight formula of Bliss The Youth As We Know It Anti-Aging Moisturizer might be our little skincare miracle.


Bliss The Youth As We Know It Anti-Aging Moisture Lotion is a new lightweight daily anti-aging moisturizer that contains an SPF 30. It promises a formula packed with anti-aging perks plus offers a lighter formula for daily use. Diminish wrinkles, fill fine lines, hydrate, and firm are just some of the miracles this one promises plus the added benefit of SPF 30 to keep the sun from aging skin further.

But 1.7 oz of this miracle doesn’t come cheap, think along the lines of nearly $100 ($79 to be exact) but hey miracles are worth oh so much more right?

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  • 5/24/11 14:07 Cj:

    Aww Muse come on! It doesn’t look that bad… Sure they Americanized it a bit but it’s still Torchwood ;D and Davies is the producer! So I’m sure it won’t be too bad 😛


    • 5/24/11 14:08 the Muse:

      *sulks* me no likey CJ 😀


      • 5/24/11 14:13 Cj:

        Well… Maybe it’ll get better :D? Only thing I’m scared of is them canceling it if they don’t get enough views. I’ve seen shows cancelled after the first episode!


        • 5/24/11 14:33 the Muse:

          I hope!? I pray?! ;-D I doubt they’ll cancel mid series…as it is on cable so normally they order an entire series and just won’t renew after those episodes have aired for the following year…however, I do wonder if it’s a one time run rather than a series in the traditional sense…


          • 5/24/11 14:39 Cj:

            It’s apparently going to be a miniseries, only 10 episodes :/

          • 5/24/11 14:58 the Muse:

            ahhhh I suspected as much CJ ;-D I imagine it’ll be dubbed something else next year…Miracle Day this year…something dramatic like Armageddon Day next Summer ;D! I’ve stopped following the rumor boards on it when they introduced such lame actors into the mix :-/

  • 5/24/11 14:48 auroragyps:

    Muse, I feel the same way. The trailer is all shiny, like for a major motion picture, not all BBC-ish like a preview for Doctor Who or Torchwood. I mentioned that it looked too Americanized on a message board & people did’t get what I was saying, except the British guy on there.


    • 5/24/11 14:57 the Muse:

      amen sis…couldn’t agree more…too much OMG action packed going on…def not BBC-ish enough for this Anglophile…! Very American to me Auro, can’t understand how people who enjoy and watched the show don’t get the reference as it’s very glaringly obvious this isn’t the TW I know and love! I’m willing to eat my words if I am wrong but I’m going to throw it out there and say that this will def be missing something when it does premiere.


  • 5/24/11 19:58 imoutofit:

    No Ianto, boo. And Gwen, bless her heart, is still in the damn show. I’m a little iffy about this as well, since it looks like it might be a Michael Bay-spolsion action packed mini-series.

    Did anyone else go “WTF” when Gwen was shooting her gun whilst holding (I’m assuming it’s her’s) a baby?


    • 5/25/11 9:49 the Muse:

      LOL yea Imoutofit I noticed that…a baby…! ha! I’m a little iffy too :-/ not sure it’s going to be great!


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