Clio Ok! Eyeshadow Review, Swatches, Photos

Clio is a brand of cosmetics in Korea. The brand has some really great makeup products and veers away from the cutesy aspect of makeup that we sometimes see from other Asian brands.

Ok! Eyeshadow will probably remind you of Victora’s Secret Beauty Rush Luminous Shadow from days of old.

Let’s take a peek!

A portable eyeshadow with a built in sponge applicator!

Tis the packaging that gets me here. Sometimes easy to use wins the race and in the case of Ok! Eyeshadow I love the ease of use and portability of the product!

It comes in a little barrel with a built in wand applicator that allows you to tote it around without spilling it. It travels easily and safely so you have your eyeshadow with you at all times sans the drama of bulky or easy to break packaging. The barrel holds loose shadow which the sponge applicator dips into and allows product to be easily swept onto your eye with minimal effort. I have a pink shade which has a very subtle kiss of shimmer to it, think MAC Fairylite Pigment. The formula blends easily and has a medium pigmentation, nothing overly done here, just enough color to make eyes look lively.

You can build the color up easily but no matter which way you splice it you won’t get a bold look, it’s a more subtle kiss of color which is just fine by me as sometimes I desire natural rather than all out vibrant!

Since Clio is a Korean brand it proves difficult to locate in the US. Certain stores in New York actually carry the brand however I haven’t looked in a while but hunt and peck around your favorite Asian shops and you might get lucky!

  • Anyone who likes easy to travel with makeup!
  • Anyone who likes softer makeup.
  • Anyone who likes easy to use makeup.

  • Those who are unwilling to shop online or deal with airmail (Clio is a Korea brand so shopping online may be your sole option).

Overally, Ok! Eyeshadow is ok by me! If you want to recreate the effect you can see if your Victoria’s Secret has some of their older Beauty Rush line as packaging and effect is pretty much the same although I do think Clio’s formula is superior as it’s silky and easier to blend. Sasa occasionally carries Clio so that might be one option if you’re lemming this!

Sometimes makeup doesn’t have to be complex to be enjoyed! The simplicity here was what held my attention!


  • 5/12/11 21:08 Tammie:

    I think I’ve seen some Clio things at various Korean gift shops around here, but thought it was a crummy Chinese brand since the quality of the items in those places is kinda dubious. I’ll have to give Clio items another look :)


    • 5/13/11 10:43 the Muse:

      oh no not at all tammie ;-D they have some nice goodies imho! :D! there blushes rock!


      • 5/13/11 13:04 Tammie:

        That’s good, most of their cosmetics seem to be ok at the korean shop. I’ll take a look at their blushes next time I stop by, they looked really nice :).

        Do you know anything about Laneige and Castledew (I think?)??


        • 5/13/11 13:08 the Muse:

          these are the blushes tammie


          Yup there are archives for both here:

          If you look on the left hand side of my blog you’ll see the categories I’ve covered, click one and it’ll bring up all the posts for that brand ;-D


          • 5/13/11 13:14 Tammie:

            Thanks!! Those are exactly the blushes I saw!! You are AWESOME xD.

            Ahh thanks! I guess I didn’t look ’cause I didn’t think you’d have gotten those for some reason, doh! I shouldn’t forget how into Korean/Asian stuff you are XD;;

          • 5/13/11 13:27 the Muse:

            haha no worries…I have alot of reviews on various Asian bits and bobs, you can look under “asian brands” and find most of ’em. I concentrate on alot of Korean/Japanese products but I’ve been knowing to through in some from m’asia, Thailand, etc…;-D! The blushes are lovely..quite a nice baked formula imho! and the brush they come with rocks!

  • 5/12/11 22:24 Katy Eridao:

    this looks like a nice Valentine’s Day color :) I like the built in applicator idea, too!

    love your blog Muse; you always make the right comparisons and mention important characteristics of a cosmetic ^_^


    • 5/13/11 10:43 the Muse:

      aw thanks katy you’re sweet xoxo!


  • 5/10/13 4:55 Zoe Bae:

    Hey Muse, I really love to look through your reviews as it is very helpful to help me pick up the GOODY PRODUCTS!!! But it has been quite a while you updated about CLIO. Could you please do a review of their latest vampire & bloody line endorsed by Sandara Park. I really am interested with their products, but found them a bit pricey as well. Please do a review…..Thank you very mucheeee!!!!


  • 8/11/13 22:43 cindy:

    love the post ! totally love the Korean fashion and makeup, especially because I live in Korea
    I’ve been blogging about beauty and food of Korea here, please drop by ^.^

    oh and my friends always ask me where to get stuff and now there’s finally a website !


  • 1/6/14 23:53 jenny:

    Hey muse, they opened up a clio store next to the nature republic in nyc! It’s in flushing!


    • 1/7/14 9:35 Isabella Muse:

      I know :) roosevelt ave 😀 was terribly excited as clio seems impossible to find online!


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