E.L.F. Cosmetics 153 Piece Master Makeup Collection and Brush Set

Here is today’s E.L.F. Cosmetics Coffee Break Special!

Use code INSTANT at check out to get this set for only $19.95!

Eyeshadow Palette That Includes:

  • 84 Eyeshadow Shades
  • 36 Lip Gloss Shades
  • 6 Blush Shades
  • 4 Concealer Shades
  • 4 Shimmer Cream Shades
  • 4 Bronzer Shades


  • 1 Face Brush
  • 1 Lip Brush
  • 1 Duo Eyeshadow Applicator
  • Professional Complete Set of 12 Brushes

The set is available for one hour ONLY at the price of $19.95 using promo code INSTANT at www.eyeslipsface.com

E.L.F. is hit and miss for me but those who enjoy the brand will probably love this deal!

Happy Shoppin’!

  • 5/14/11 2:08 fieryfairy:

    ohhh thanks for this! i ordered it even after the time limit and I can’t wait to get it in the mail. i just hope the quality is decent cuz the price for this set is almost too good to be true, which doesn’t always mean a good thing.


  • 5/14/11 16:39 LuLu:

    okay so, basically, i. need. this. but i live in the UK so i can’t get it:( please help me find another massive set for a reasonable price, i need you’re help Muse!


    • 5/14/11 16:40 LuLu:

      I’m a total makeup fanatic and i plan to be a makeup artist so this is my PERFECT makeup set, please help me!


      • 5/14/11 16:53 LuLu:

        YES! i found it on the uk website, £35.00!! Must buy it ASAP!


        • 5/14/11 16:54 LuLu:

          don’t think it includes brushes though, i’ll have to buy them seperatley


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