Elizabeth Arden Pure Finish Mineral Cheek Color Sun-Kissed Coral Review, Swatches, Photos

Elizabeth Arden has a new Pure Finish Mineral Cheek Color that was released with the Bronze in Bloom Collection.

It’s keeping my attention at the moment because it has some cool gadget-y features that my geek side adores.

Take a look!

Mineral cheek color in a peachy shade for Summer!

The packaging on this blush has been wooing me since I got it earlier last week. First off, it’s about the size of a Bourjois Paris Baked Eyeshadow, so cute, so tiny, kawii! On top of the tiny packaging it also features a built in grinder so you can freshly grind your blush with each use and finally it features an uber cool slanted kabuki brush which folds out to a bigger side for sweeping on blush or buffing it on!

Do you love brilliant packaging or what?

The formula is a typical mineral blush with a silky formula that blends easily and leaves behind either a subtle kiss of color or a more pigmented finish depending on how heavy you are with your hand. The color is a bronze-y coral so it’s quite warm versus cooler shades of peach and coral. On me it looks like I combined one part NARS Orgasm with a dash of bronzer….it’s actually a very nice shade that’s very wearable although fairer skin might want to keep a light hand during application to avoid a overdoing it.

The formula is oil, talc, and fragrance free.

You have to be extra careful when grinding the blush leaving too much in the bottom of the compact and proceeding to close it causes a bit of a mess. I find that if I grind too much and leave some for later, when I reopen the compact the powder ends up all over the outer rim and makes a mess.

I adore the brush and the fold out design but it proves a tad scratchy and sheds a bit but I’ll try hard to disregard because outside of Asian brushes I haven’t yet seen this type of brush within the Western market.

  • Those who prefer warm shades of coral.
  • Those wanting a sun-kissed glow!
  • Those who love brilliant packaging!

  • Those who aren’t keen on dishing out near $30 for a blush (this is $28 bucks…).
  • Those who travel with their blush (beware when traveling with this as any left over powder is sure to make a mess when you open the compact).

I actually really loved this. The color proved a nice warm shade for Summer and the packaging pretty much slayed me. It has some quirks to work through but aside from that I actually liked the overall results using the blush and felt like it made a perfect edition to my current coral/peach/orange theme I have going on at the moment! If you like warmer shades of blush you might want to check this out or if you’d readily admit to being a complete packaging junkie, well, needless to say you’ll adore this!

It’s available now at shop.elizabetharden.com


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  • 5/11/11 21:34 Phyrra:

    The color looks pretty but I hate that whole grinding thing.


  • 5/11/11 23:22 Andrea:

    sephora brand has a fold out brush! its pink and it might be softer.


    • 5/12/11 10:00 the Muse:

      andrea haven’t seen it must go check that out ;D!


      • 5/13/11 12:32 Andrea:

        its called the 2 in 1 kabuki flex brush =)


  • 5/12/11 0:31 Katherine:

    Kind of random… but did you get a new camera? It seems like the photos are looking extra sharp in the last few days.


    • 5/12/11 9:54 the Muse:

      I did Katherine. :) I’m still playing with it but hopefully I’ll be able to bring you better pics/swatches with it in the future ;D!


  • 5/12/11 12:40 sara:

    Looks beautiful! What would you say the finish is? Frosty? Shimmery? Subtle sheen? Thanks Muse!


    • 5/12/11 12:45 the Muse:

      subtle sheen sara no frosty or shimmer hun :)


  • 5/16/11 3:18 Dimplez:

    reminds me of the NYX grinding blush!


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