Giorgio Armani Beauty Eyes To Kill Intense Photos

Hey you guise!

Sorry, totally watched the Goonies coming home from my trip yesterday, had to get that out of my system!

But seriously, hey you guise! Did you see the new Giorgio Armani Beauty Eyes To Kill Intense Eyeshadows yet? They are on counter already. I got them about…a month ago? But haven’t had a chance to play with ’em yet..

I thought starting off Monday with the some pictures of the new shadows would be a great way to celebrate the week ahead…!

Take a look!

Pretty delicious aren’t they?

But I was kinda surprised as they are basically Lancome Ombre Magnetique. Same concept and design just higher performing formula.

I’ll be reviewing them shortly!

Have you hauled them yet?


Do share!

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This product was purchased by the Muse for review purposes.
Read my full disclosure statement here.

  • 5/2/11 11:39 Lisa:



  • 5/2/11 11:40 Trisha:

    <3 these!


  • 5/2/11 11:48 Musebeliever:

    I’m seriously thinking about hauling one of these. Probably the third or the fourth you’ve shown. It all depends on whether or not I’ll get some Lock Down (Toofaced) or not…

    I’ve missed your articles ! I’m glad you’re posting again ! *addicted to beauty blogs*


    • 5/2/11 11:56 the Muse:

      hey Muse! How are you? They are rather fun shadows ;-D I’m quite eager to try ’em!

      Aw thanks! Good to be back home!


  • 5/2/11 12:21 Sara:

    I love these! I can’t justify a purchase though, since I have so many similar colors already. Except for the charcoal/black one with the red sparkles….omg I needz bad.


    • 5/2/11 12:25 the Muse:

      betcha if they have a 20% coupon soon I can get you to indulge sara ;D!


      • 5/3/11 11:08 Sara:

        What?? A coupon??? I’m sooo there. My bday is next month, momma needs a new eyeshadow! 😀


        • 5/3/11 11:09 the Muse:

          sara they sometimes have 20% off 😀 none at the moment…but if they do one I’ll post!


          • 5/3/11 20:22 Sara:

            Oh please do! I’ll be all over that like zombies on brains!

          • 5/4/11 9:38 the Muse:

            lol sara ;-D <3! zombies!

  • 5/2/11 12:25 evo:

    i bought 2 of them a couple weeks ago and love them! you need to get lust red as it is what beauty mark for mac should be.

    they don’t crease at all! both wet and dry. i haven’t used them as a base yet.


    • 5/2/11 12:35 the Muse:

      they sound lovely evo….I purchased them ’bout a month ago and still haven’t used them so I’m excited to finally indulge ;-D I really wanted the red but I was worried it might make my eyes look tired! ugh don’t tempt me ;D!


  • 5/2/11 14:03 Misato-san:

    I really LOVE the texture. But they are so expensive ;_;


    • 5/2/11 14:46 the Muse:

      they are sadly misato ;-( Lancome’s version is a ickle cheaper but sadly not as much variety shade wise :-/


      • 5/2/11 21:42 Misato-san:

        I’m in love with Pulp fiction. If Sephora will give me a discount (and I will skip MAC Surf baby’s things I’m lusting) maybe I’ll buy it…


  • 5/2/11 16:24 LINDARRAGNAR:

    want them so bad :( idk if its worthwhile lol 😛


  • 5/2/11 22:57 tini:

    Lemming these so hard :( Temptalia’s reviews of the formula is glowing. I have so much eye shadow going unused though, in extremely similar colors. that 2nd champagne-y one is so tempting!


    • 5/3/11 11:49 the Muse:

      my problem exactly tini ;-D TOO many shadows ;D!


  • 5/3/11 2:01 Nia:

    Yup, the purple one. Cannot wait to her what you think about them :)


  • 5/3/11 23:35 demosthenesval7:

    im in love with #6 (khaki pulse), #2 (red lust), and #4 (pulp fiction) – ps. great look for blue eyes that I have done – try #12 (moonlight) all over, #7 lightly on the lid, and #4 in the crease – gorgeous!!


    • 5/4/11 9:37 the Muse:

      hey demos thanks for sharing your look!!!!!! ;-D!


  • 6/21/11 2:41 Cindy:

    I love #1, #3, #4, #14,#15, #16

    I have spent WAY too much money on them considering they cost a hefty 47 AUD each


    • 6/27/11 16:41 the Muse:

      cindy aren’t they fab? Have you tried chanel’s new cream shadows? similar vein but so much more gorg imho 😀


  • 12/12/11 14:00 Jennifer:

    love your site…recently stumbled upon them as i was looking for reviews on BB Black Ruby, GA ETK shadows & Chanel Illusion D’ombre. Thanks for putting them up.

    Which GA ETK did u get? is that #8 i see in the pic above?

    I already have Chanel’s Illusoire, Mirifique & Fantasme. So am wondering if GA’s #8 Champagne or BB’s Black Ruby palette is a better addition to play around with my Chanel ES? I love pinks & glitter 😉 but when i tried the BB shadows on my eyes…there was quite a lot of fall out and i looked a little like a disco ball 😛
    Sorry this is so long….hope u can help


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