Japonesque Lipstick Palette Kit

I do believe I was born to slump over a boiling cauldron and mutter about boiling toil and such. I wanted to be just like The Graeae when I grew up. Hey, don’t hate, you might have wanted to be Britney Spears or Barbie when you were growing up but I thought being part of a trio of old witches that shared a single eyeball and a tooth was all that and a bag of crisps. I wasn’t picky either, I’d have settled to be one of the three witches from Macbeth too…or that crazy broad from Dark Crystal, she was wicked!

For serious.

Japonesque totally understands the need to sit before a boiling cauldron, yell out in a cackle “boil, boil, toil, and trouble”, and share eyeballs with your fellow witch-y sisters…! That’s why they created their new Lipstick Palette Kit!

Check it!

The Japonesque Lipstick Palette Kit allows you to create your very own lipstick palette with your own favorite shades.

Have you hit pan on your favorite lipstick? Got a tiny nub of product left? No probs! Pop it into the microwavable “cauldron”, heat, mix it up, and proceed to pat it into the included eight pan palette!

Boil, boil, toil, and lipstick biatches!

The set includes

  • Mini Spatula
  • Melting Lipstick “Cauldron”
  • Mixing Spoon
  • 8 Pan Palette with Lip Brush and Mirror

If you’re wanting to share a tooth or eyeball with your fellow makeup sisters while mixing up your lipstick cauldron, well, unfortunately Japonesque didn’t include those accessories.

Ah well, we can’t have everything!

Available now from www.drugstore.com

Love it?

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  • 5/17/11 19:13 Jenniet2002:

    frickin love Dark Crystal!


    • 5/17/11 19:27 the Muse:

      ha dittoz jenniet ;D


  • 5/17/11 19:44 winni:

    Ah yes, I have one of the Sephora ones and I really like it! So much fun.


  • 5/17/11 20:02 kenzie.:

    My friends and I have been doing this for YEARS. We buy one of those cheapie LA colors 12 pan palettes and crack out the shadows to get the empty compact. Then we wipe it down with alcohol, slice of bits of lipsticks with an x-acto knife, and melt them in little ramekins. Then all you have to do is pour the melted lipstick into the appropriate pan and….voila! Instant lipstick palette for much cheaper than the one advertised above. Of course, it isn’t as pretty….


    • 5/18/11 9:23 the Muse:

      diy beauty kenzie! ;-D!


  • 5/17/11 20:18 Aging_Beauty:

    Girl, these are the BOMB – i have 2 of them! One for spring/summer lipstick shades and one for fall/winter shades! It’s so great to toss in your makeup bag and/or keep at work. The brush, the mirror, the black slender case – fabulous! Also a fun way to create your own lipstick shades. I recommend filling one well with your favorite lip balm – lipsticks applied with a brush last much longer than from the tube, but their emollient qualities are minimized with the thinner, brush application. LOVE THESE!! GREAT GIFT TOO!!


  • 5/17/11 20:40 Aging_Beauty:

    Oh and, the little “cauldron” is actually soft and rubbery; after melting your lipstick you simply bend the sides of it to create a little pouring spout and pour its contents into the palette well. SO MUCH FUN!


    • 5/18/11 9:22 the Muse:

      they sound brilliant aging beauty ;-D I wants to try, I wants to try ;D!


  • 5/18/11 2:09 Minda:

    Augra is the funniest character besides Chamberlain. Mmmmmmmmmmmm.


    • 5/18/11 10:46 the Muse:

      ;-D agreed minda!


  • 5/18/11 18:02 Reme:

    Mmm I’m intrigued but I kinda enjoy applying lipstick straight from the tube… especially gorgeous ones like Guerlain :-)

    Do Japonesque have a similar product for setting pigments as eye-shadows? Now that is something I could do with!


    • 5/18/11 18:04 Reme:

      P.S. Lol at the pic! Yikes, I may have nightmares about that tonight!


      • 5/20/11 14:21 the Muse:

        lol reme ;-D she rocked though!


    • 5/20/11 14:21 the Muse:

      me too reme I’m not much of a palette girl…yup believe they do! ;D


  • 5/20/11 21:13 kharanya:

    I bought two of these when I got the Tarte jewelry box. I totally love the glosses in that kit, so I transferred the colours with the scoop and just blasted it with my blow drier to smooth them out and then let em set.

    It’s so nice and compact and very sturdy, totally recommend it for having a portable compact of your fav colours.


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