Lorac TANtalEyes Palette Review, Swatches, Photos

Mmm at first glance the new Lorac TANtalEyes Palette had me thinking, “hello, Lorac Little Black Palette…” it was just that similar to to Lorac’s Summer 2010 palette release.

Turns out the TANtalEyes Palette offers some new, exciting options compared to the Little Black Book that might tempt those of you who love a dramatically bronzed eye look for Summer.

Check it!

A limited edition Summer set that features a baked eye shadow palette plus a travel-size TANtalizer Body Bronzing Luminizer.

I said it before, I’ll say it again…Lorac’s Summer palettes seem to have some crazy brilliant formula compared to their traditional seasonal releases. It’s as if they pull out the really big guns for the warm weather.  If you know and love Lorac’s normal shadow range you’ll be surprised, delighted, and quite hyped over their baked formula.

The last two Summers Lorac takes baked shadow to new levels and creates a really awe aspiring formula. The Little Black Palette started the venture into these new shadows and TANtalEyes picks right back up with it. Since Lorac’s eyeshadows tend to be on the safe side with a smooth, silky formula that ranges from sheer to medium pay off you might expect the same from TANTalEyes but think again!

Although baked these shadows pack a powerful pigmented punch. The shades have a creamy powdery formula that applies like liquid metal with amazing pigmentation and mind you this is dry. Applied wet you’ll get even more dramatic results. All these shades are rich in pigment and blend easily alone or together for a contrasting eye look. The colors are a shoe in for complimenting bronzed, tanned skin but look just as gorgeous on fairer skin particularly if you have brown eyes.

The palette is a bit smaller than Little Black Palette but the size of each shadow remains the same. I’ve actually taken a photo of the palettes together so you can see the size difference between the two. I actually like the smaller palette, it just seems easier to travel with and store to me. The smaller the better in a stash my size as it can be tucked up easily in my makeup drawer without taking a ton of space. The palette is a gold lame design, quite nice in my opinion and features a flip top lid that closes easily with a full size mirror inside and a bed of gold lame where the shadows rest. The only thing that would make it nicer was maybe a drawer housing some sponge applicators.

Although at first glance I would have said that you don’t need TANtalEyes if you already own the Little Black Palette, I now rescind that since the shadows are pretty different. TANtalEyes seems to have a richer color selection and although the colors appear very similar I find they have a deeper pigmentation and an overall deepness that the Little Black Palette lacks.

Shades you get are:

  • White with Gold Pearl
  • Golden Bronze
  • Olive Green with Gold Pearl
  • Shimmering Garnet

The shades that appear similar to the Little Black Palette are the White Gold and Golden Bronze but upon closer inspection the bronze-y copper penny in this palette is more vibrant and deeper and resembles more of a penny bronze versus the truer bronze of the older palette’s shade. I also thought that the White Gold was the same as the one in the other palette but turns out that shade was more of a nude beige versus the golden white of this color. Although the shades look repetitive they are pretty different overall.

The palette comes as a set which also includes a very generous size of Lorac TANtalizer Body Bronzing Luminizer. I’m not a particular fan of bronzing highlighters but this is a very nice golden peach sheen that works great on legs, shoulders, anywhere you want to highlight…a touch added to your moisturizer will also give your face a healthy, sunny glow!

Last year, the palette was $32 versus $4 more this year but you do get the nicely sized tube of TanTalizer as well so the $36 isn’t too bad a price leap.

The palette is the star in the end though and the prize of the set. If you like vibrant shades of shadow that will really work well with a tan, Lorac TantalEyes will do the job and do it well!

Nothing not to love here!

  • Anyone who enjoys a bronze, tanned look for Summer (these shades are sure to flatter your Summer glow).
  • Those looking for vibrant, metallic shades of color for eyes.
  • Those who like pigmented, bold shades of eye color.
  • Those who loved Lorac’s Little Black Palette.

  • Those who prefer a softer, natural look (these are really pigmented shadows with quite a bold payoff so they might not appeal to those who want a more natural, refined finish).

Overall, the Lorac TantalEyes Palette is a gorgeous little addition to my Summer eyeshadow wardrobe. If you’re quite familiar with Lorac’s traditional shadow formula, I highly suggest checking this palette out as it’ll wow you since the colors are richer and more pigmented than Lorac’s normal offerings. The shades shout Summer and sun and are a beautiful pick those who embrace a sunny glow on their faces and body for the warmer weather. The shades blend amazingly well, contrast brilliantly, and have a super formula that deserves a proper rave. Although they appear similar to the Little Black Palette, they are not and deserve a special place in your stash even if you already own that particular palette from last year!

Lorac did a fine job with this one.

Very Muse Approved for purchase. One swatch and I guarantee you’ll love it as much as I do!

Available now from www.loraccosmetics.com

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  • 5/24/11 21:23 Sara:

    I’vee swatched this palette in sephora and keep trying to convince myself I don’t need it. :p. Thanks for the comparison to the black palette.


    • 5/25/11 9:39 the Muse:

      my pleasure sara ;-D gorg isn’t it?! You need? ;D!


      • 5/25/11 12:57 Sara:

        I might need it…… don’t tempt me!!


        • 5/25/11 12:58 the Muse:

          sara, did you notice how beautifully pigmented the shadows were? *tempt, tempt*


          • 5/26/11 20:42 Sara:

            You can’t tell me what to do!!

            (and yes…yes I did…I swatched them again yesterday when I stopped off at Sephora. Damn you, Muse, damn you!)

          • 5/27/11 11:46 the Muse:

            *stamps foot* yes I can sara ;D! haha!

  • 5/24/11 22:09 Claire:

    I just got both the Little Black Palette and the Tantaleyes Palette about a week ago and I love them!! I’ve bought two little black palettes before. The tantaleyes is definetly just as good pigmention wise and the colors are so unique. Too bad it’s LE. I love Lorac though!


    • 5/25/11 9:39 the Muse:

      brills claire ;-D glad to hear it ;-D! They really are two fab palettes, Lorac is one of those brands peeps overlook sometimes :D!


  • 5/24/11 22:46 winni:

    I have it and I adore this palette! Looks great on you!


    • 5/25/11 9:48 the Muse:

      aw shucks thanks winni! ;D!


  • 5/25/11 11:14 Majick:

    I love LORAC and I’ve seen this one at ULta. I’ve been successfully steering clear because I think the colors may be similar to the Tarte AD that we will be receiving in June. I’ll take my chances and hold out until then. I have a million LORAC palettes and none disappoint except maybe the Croc Palette (It’s just a little boing for me LOL).
    That said, I loved your review and it is making the “steering clear” just a little tougher. :-)


    • 5/25/11 12:18 the Muse:

      majick you could be write about the dupes in tarte’s ad! <3 Lorac ;-D I have a ton too and they are wicked :D!


  • 5/25/11 11:45 Kayvid:

    First I thot it’s very similar to LBD palette but now I see it isn’t. I really want it for the green and the garnet. Wow!


    • 5/25/11 12:04 the Muse:

      it looks VERY close to the other palette kayvid and I quickly wrote it off when I originally wrote about it but than I got it and realized whoa the shades aren’t as similar! they are gorg!


  • 5/25/11 14:40 Barb:

    Wow, those colors are freaking gorgeous!! I might have to invest in this.

    Thanks :)


    • 5/25/11 14:44 the Muse:

      my pleasure barb ;D!


  • 5/25/11 19:38 Mallory:

    OMG! The colors are gorgeous! Please tell me why I passed up on it when I was at Sephora?!


    • 5/26/11 9:16 the Muse:

      Mallory you NEED ;-D so fab!


  • 5/26/11 0:34 Phyrra:

    I really love the eye shadows. Pretty :>


  • 5/22/12 16:03 rhonda:

    i own LBD and a friend just purchased tanaleyes from hautelook.com. yesterday. i kid you not, i did a google search to find out the difference between the two palettes, and your blog is the first search result. the pictures alone answered all my questions, and actually kind of make me want to buy tantaleyes now, too. lol. thank you for this!


    • 5/22/12 16:06 the Muse:

      fantastic rhonda I’m glad I somehow helped girl ;-D did you get a nice deal on hautelook? ;-D


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