Musings of the Day: What Brand Do You Want Bringing Your BB Cream To You?

Dr. Jart recently launched two BB Creams to the US Market available exclusively at Sephora. This is a big step for the US market however sadly, my experience so far with BB Creams here in the US is lacking.

Dr. Jart, BRTC, Missha, Skin79, etc…are all popular BB Creams available in Korea and household names however larger brands we all know and love also have BB Creams available within the Asian market such as Dior, MAC, Lancome, etc….

This Summer, I believe you’ll start seeing the ripple effect of Dr. Jart’s US launch. It’ll be small at first but by Fall, BB Creams will finally be something that the US market will know of and hopefully embrace.

I already have confirmed news that Smashbox has a BB Cream of sorts that will be available exclusively from QVC. I also hear rumors of MAC finally bringing their BB Cream to the states and also a whisper about Clinique possibly launching one.

My question is, which brand would you like to see release a BB Cream here in the US?

Perhaps your favorite high end brands like Dior and Chanel?

Or maybe middle end brands such as Urban Decay or Too Faced?

Or maybe you want to hit up your local drugstore and grab one from Revlon or Covergirl?

Either way BB Creams are finally launching here in the US but whether or not our market actually embraces them or not only time will tell.

  • 5/16/11 14:16 kate:

    I want to see the brands that you rave about! Why bother “testing” out a trillion different brands, high end or drugstore end, when we already know what’s good from the Queen BB herself?! and hi muse <3, hope you got caught up with all your tweets and emails!


    • 5/16/11 14:21 the Muse:

      lol thanks kate. super flatter chica ;-D! I def gotta round up some of the best Asian BB’s for you guys and start posting reviews ;-D boy, I am still behind but slooooooooooooowly getting there, thanks for asking chica.

      How was your weekend btw?


      • 5/16/11 15:22 kate:

        omg i will be watching out of those BB posts like a hawk! im super interested! i went to this korean market this weekend and checked out their bb creams and i had no idea what to get! i felt like i needed to text you “which one?!” before i made an investment!
        weekend was fun! had some korean food & a trip to h-mart w/ my friend. she looooves korean stuff! and i hung out w/ my pup, charlie, indoors..thanks to the torrential downpour all weekend!


        • 5/16/11 15:30 the Muse:

          kate you should have girl ;-D! It’s a bit overwhelming there are SO many to try it’s absurd! and the color range is normally a single shade or two at best but still it’s hard getting that perfect fit… but it’s always fun trying them all out imho! damn girl I’d so have gone with you! I could go for some Korean BBQ ;-D! ugh wth is with the rain? isn’t it depressing! All week!!!!!!!! But this weekend looks like it may pan out nice ;D!


  • 5/16/11 14:22 LuvJaime:

    I know for a fact Dior already has a BB cream in Asia.. next on my list to try. I have tried both the Jart BB Creams from Sephora, preferred one over the other, but still not fully impressed by its performance.

    U.S. companies jumping on the bandwagon is great and all, but this also raises a concern for me — will it be a Trend in a Bottle or will it embody what a true BB cream is suppose to do? Either way, I’m still waiting to run into one that will knock me out of my socks.. I’d like to see you faves Muse!!!


    • 5/16/11 14:26 the Muse:

      get Jamie, yes they released it under the Dior Snow range. It’s quite good!!!!!!!! ;-D So far, neither impressed me either which scares me as I’m worried the US market will start making them into TM’s rather than full on BB Creams. What’s the point? We know, have, and use TM’s….! I actually addresses all these issues in my original review of the Dr Jart bb cream I got at Sephora ;-D great minds think alike Jamie! Def need to start bringing together my favs…I always avoided doing so as I get reader’s who start ranting b/c they can’t get them in the US ;-/


  • 5/16/11 14:25 Courtney:

    I’ve only tried BB creams from Skinfood and Maybelline so far but I LOVE Maybelline’s. This surprised me but it is perfect for my skintone. Unfortunately it’s only available in Asia right now but I’d love it if I could get it at the local drugstore.


    • 5/16/11 14:27 the Muse:

      ah I reviewed the Maybelline one too Courtney. Liked it overall but was an ickle too pale for me…:-/ The skinfood has some good ones!


      • 5/16/11 14:45 Courtney:

        Skinfood mushroom was too dark for me unfortunately but I love the Maybelline. I’ve been sick for a week which adds to my uber paleness so it’s nice to have to just throw on and go.


        • 5/16/11 15:03 the Muse:

          they have a great line called Angel Fit that you would prob love Courtney if you’re that fair ;D!


  • 5/16/11 14:59 Rosemary:

    OK…What on earth is a BB cream?


  • 5/16/11 15:14 Kelly:

    I had a friend CP the diorsnow bb cream for me and I can’t wait for it to arrive! Will let u know my thoughts, I’m quite excited as it is suppose to be a perfect match for NC25 and that is me lol!


  • 5/16/11 15:15 Kelly:

    I had a friend CP the diorsnow bb cream for me and I can’t wait for it to arrive! Will let u know my thoughts, I’m quite excited as it is suppose to be a perfect match for NC25 and that is me lol! Most Korean one I have tried are a bit gray-ish so that is very rare.


    • 5/16/11 15:17 the Muse:

      kelly I don’t know the mac range so well but it’s the perfect shade for me ;-D it’s really quite good!


  • 5/16/11 15:30 jenna:

    I’d like to see a BB cream from Pur Minerals since their 4 in 1 is my HG so I’d definitely trust another base product from them! I would try Clinique’s too since I love their skincare but usually their bases pull a bit pink on me. I also might give MAC’s a go!


    • 5/16/11 15:37 the Muse:

      gotta say that’s an interesting pick Jenna, wasn’t even on my radar but I’d def try one from Pur!


  • 5/16/11 16:07 B.B.:

    I had never heard of BB creams before I started reading this site. I ordered a set of minis from Skin79 and I love the hot pink one, but Skin79’s already available in the US (online, at least).

    I’d like to see a BB cream from ELF. I’ve never tried their foundations but I love their concealer stick and think they could probably make a decent enough one if they so desired.


    • 5/16/11 16:11 the Muse:

      hi BB this isn’t skin79’s official site hun. that site is made by someone who is importing the bb creams from Korea and def is not affiliated with the Skin79 brand be careful who you buy from as you don’t want to hand out your personal info (address, credit card number, etc…) to companies that are not legit. mm E.L.F. would make it cheap! 😀


      • 5/16/11 16:23 B.B.:

        Good to know! I hadn’t actually ordered it from that site. I got it through an Amazon seller since it came with Prime shipping. But I had noticed the USA site and thought it was legit. Whoops!


        • 5/16/11 16:25 the Muse:

          😀 I see alot of these sites popping up. Etude House USA was another one which was NOT affiliated with the brand. The site has been taken down actually, I do wonder if they got in trouble with the brand b/c of that domain as they were basically representing themselves as the brand itself when in fact they were not.


  • 5/16/11 16:55 Comrade Garlic:

    The Dior Snow one went orange on me. I really want to try the MAC and Lancome ones. I bought a Clinique Active White cream many moons ago at a CCO. It has a SPF 25 and is tinted. It’s thick like a BB cream and is supposed to function like BB cream. I think it came out before the BB cream craze. I really need to toss it, seeing how old i is.


  • 5/16/11 18:42 Stellar:

    I have yet to try myself a BB Cream but I definitely want to try Missha, Skin 79, Skinfood, maybe Shiseido (do they have one?).


  • 5/16/11 18:55 Mallory:

    Boscia just released their bb cream this past week. I’m waiting on reviews before I spend $38 on it though.

    I hope they fully test their products and do extensive research on it before releasing — maybe even reading up reviews on other companies’ bb cream to see what worked and didn’t work. I don’t want a company to just slap together a bb cream and release it so they can get in on the bb cream craze.


    • 5/17/11 9:57 the Muse:

      hey mallory I have an upcoming post about that ;-D review too…I ordered it. Curious minds how it is ;D!


  • 5/16/11 20:45 shusheshe:

    Clinique already has a BB cream, as well as LANcome and estee lauder. They’re all pretty much Asia exclusives though.


    • 5/16/11 21:28 the Muse:

      yup shush I mentioned that in the post hun.


  • 5/16/11 21:12 chick:

    I want one that matches my NC42 skin tone. I don’t care who comes out with a BB Cream for whatever price; I will save money for it if it matches me. I would think that coming out with a BB cream in the West, it would be important to have many shades available.


    • 5/17/11 16:15 Diana:

      Hey Chick, My mom’s a NC 40 and she uses Missha No. 31 and it matches her perfectly. You might want to give it a go, it also has great coverage!


  • 5/16/11 23:34 Linda:

    Boscia is coming out with one too


    • 5/17/11 9:55 the Muse:

      Yup Linda ;-D I actually have a post about it soon!


      • 5/17/11 12:41 sarah:

        awesome!!! can’t wait for the Boscia review bc I ordered one and it should be landing in my office on Monday!!


  • 5/17/11 0:41 jac-kie:

    hmmm, not sure, i do like benefit if not just for the packaging =) & shiseido is another fave brand they probably already have tonnes in the asian market; i’m also fond of naploeon but all this being said it’d probably always be cheaper to just get them from ebay from the original korean brands.
    my fave is the skin79 hot pink one & the purple one [only on good skin days!].
    i’m wearing a baviphat one today which i’m growing fond of, baviphat dream girls.
    have ordered the skinfood diamond prestige [i think that’s the one i got???] but have yet to receive, i love how they offer smaller sizes for you to try first as i most definately move onto something new when i finish it!


    • 5/17/11 11:08 the Muse:

      hey jackie ;-D Benefit with a BB Cream? Yes I like this idea ;-D!!!!!!!! Shiseido doesn’t have BB Creams much since it’s a Japanese brand and Japan is still in the infancy of BB Creams imho ;-D I like the gold and pink labels of skin79 too ;D! Baviphat continues to impress me too and does skinfood ;D!


  • 5/17/11 3:48 Amelda:

    I love Missha Perfect Cover and Lioele Beyond The Solution BB creams cos of the great coverage, but I’d be keen to see what MAC and Smashbox BB creams are like. I’d also like to see Laura Mercier bring one out seeing they do tinted moisturisers and primers so well.

    I can’t wait to read more of your BB cream reviews Muse! You have introduced me to so many awesome products from Asian brands that we don’t see in Australia. I am an Asian cosmetic junkie now!

    Thank you! You have a wonderful blog! xx


    • 5/17/11 9:53 the Muse:

      aw amelda that’s brilliant ;-D Happy to have converted you hun! thank YOU! ;-D xoxox!


  • 5/17/11 3:52 Shirin:

    Well, I’m really hoping this will bring them to germany aswell, sooner or later.Everywhere you can read they are originally from here, but theres actually only one you can get which contains mineral oil and silicones and nobody seems to really like it. To me it is not important which brand would do so, as long as the formula isn’t too thick,the ingredients are nice for your skin and they have at least a few different colours.


  • 5/17/11 5:55 zang:

    I think I’m good with what I have tried. Missha and Skinfood and especially the SKIN79 brand would be the brands I would like to see launched in the US market. BUT, one thing is that I hope they don’t change the formula or jack up the price too much.
    I would however like to try the Dior one., and I’d like them to have more of a color range.
    All these companies copying the BB cream formula better make it good and not just for a trend that will disappear in a short time…lol


  • 5/17/11 8:16 Terri:

    NARS BB cream please.


  • 5/17/11 16:23 Diana:

    Makeup Forever and/or Bare Minerals BB Cream?! I don’t even think I care what company does it, as long as I can get my greedy little hands on them!


    • 5/17/11 16:39 the Muse:

      nice picks Diana ;D!


  • 5/17/11 22:53 Fuuka:

    I want the Clinique BB Cream! I have only ever seen it as Duty-Free stores.


  • 5/19/11 17:06 KimmyDarling:

    I’m excited at the very possibility of Bobbi Brown bringing hers to the US (if it’s good), but if I could choose the brands I’d want to do it, I’d want it to be from those whose core competency is skin care, rather than color. While the color part of the BB cream is important, especially with my super-pale skin, the actual skin care benefits are what I’d really be in it for.

    That said, I’d be excited to try them from brands like Origins (after +/- 12 yrs of working for them, I still “bleed green,” and trust them with my skin), Clinique, Perricone, Kinerase, or SkinMedica, off the top of my head..


    • 5/20/11 14:10 the Muse:

      Kimmy, I concur that’s a very valid point! Skincare experts would be the best possible experts in the field and not so much color! No offense, but my success with origins hasn’t been as great as I had hoped for…:-/ but I’m still trying ;-D! I’d love to see a bb by bigger names such as SK-II


  • 5/21/11 22:27 Aveena:

    honestly, I don’t like the idea that the US will have bb creams…I doubt they’ll prefect it like the koreans and or other asian countries, my fav brand is skin79 and i do not want to see it here …I am happy to get them from korea. They’ll ruin the appeal of bb creams :/


  • 5/22/11 16:30 mayrei:

    If a store like Sephora started selling Missha M Perfect Cover, I would would go do a jig in the street right now.


    • 5/23/11 16:45 the Muse:

      lol may fav of yours? ;-D!


      • 5/23/11 21:45 mayrei:

        Muse, it is my one true love!


  • 6/1/12 18:49 Emilaine:

    hey Muse! i would really lobe it if drugstore brands would come out with a GOOD bb cream. I am in high school, dont have a job and have to buy my own makeup. I am a beauty addict but can’t afford higher end brands. :( I really love your site because you have great reviews on products!


    • 6/7/12 12:34 the Muse:

      thanks emilaine glad you’re enjoying musings. Hopefully someone releases a good BB Cream here in the US within the drugstore ;-D! maybelline’s isn’t too bad but it is more of a tm than a bb!


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