NARS Laguna Portrait of Paradise Collection

Gather round NARS Laguna fans a new collection from the brand entitled Portrait of Paradise Collection is an ode to the shade.

Check it!

NARS totes it’s Laguna Bronzing Powder as a cult classic but I’m personally not a fan. Blame it on my aversion to bronzers. If you’re a fond fan though this is the collection for you!

Here’s a peep!

NARS Laguna Body Illuminator ($45)
After the high demand of light-reflecting golden bronze face Illuminator comes an Illuminator designed for body application that won’t transfer onto clothing. Perfect for legs, neck and décolleté, the Body Illuminator is a limited-edition product.

NARS Laguna Multiple ($39)
Fusing an iconic shade with a cult classic formula, the brown with golden shimmer shade will debut for the first time as a limited-edition Multiple – perfect for highlighting, lightly contouring, or all-over bronzing.

NARS Orgasm, Albatross, Laguna ‘Blush/Bronzer Trio’ ($55)
Three iconic NARS products, one portable zip-around compact. With Orgasm Blush, Albatross Highlighting Blush Powder, and Laguna Bronzing Powder, this limited-edition trio makes a flawless complexion more attainable than ever.

I’m partial the to palette myself as nothing screams awesome like pairing up Orgasm with just the right bronzer…!

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The collection is available now at

  • 5/4/11 12:58 Glenney:

    I’ve been waiting for this moment – of the union of the THREE Nars products I’ve been dying to try ! I NEED ! (:


    • 5/4/11 13:00 the Muse:

      ha glenney ;-D they look rather stunning together know?


  • 5/4/11 13:17 Emma:

    The trio I love!


  • 5/4/11 19:55 Mary the Muse Militant:

    These look lovely.
    I love Laguna bronzing powder but found the bronzing multiples hard to use as an all over bronzer. Hard to spread and they sure run out fast.


  • 5/5/11 16:35 Wendy A :):

    Cause that’s what I imagine when I think paradise- a dark room with bad lighting jaja.


  • 5/5/11 17:20 Majick:

    Any idea if the Laguna multiple has glitter in it? I have a few multiples and two of them are pretty shimmery. Most of the colors I tried were too glittery or just a not so good color for me.
    I also picked up two from last summer? The hot pink, coral, red ones? They were (are, since I still have them LOL) great. SHeer color with no glitter or shimmer. Nice pop of color over dare-I-say a tan?
    Ok, well I”m leaving work now so I’ll catch up with you tomorrow!


    • 5/13/11 13:37 the Muse:

      I THINK it has gold shimmer majick but don’t quote me babe. those were nice actually, no shimmer/sparkle, translucent color! ;-D I wish they did more like that actually!~


  • 5/5/11 19:26 JCz:

    Wow! I love Albatross and I’ve always wanted to try orgasm (*hehe*). I’m not big on bronzers, but maybe this is a worthwhile pickup?


  • 5/5/11 21:28 Anecia:

    When’s the launch date?


    • 5/6/11 10:33 the Muse:

      anecia it’s launched already


  • 5/23/11 18:07 Tracy:

    Muse, since I know you are a fan of both Nars’ Orgasm blush and Benefit’s Coralista, would you say there’s a big difference between both ? Because if they are similar, I might as well get the Laguna bronzer alone since I have Coralista. But if you tell me I should also own Orgasm, then maybe I should get the kit, which is also available without the Albatross powder at Sephora…


    • 5/24/11 9:06 the Muse:

      yes tracy, coralista is more vibrant and orgasm is considerably more subdued and pinker. I think they are both worth owning imho!


  • 5/29/11 19:08 Reme:

    I’ve a haul confession to make Muse and erm… I’m blaming your post and in particular the pretty pic of the trio palette above haha!!

    I’ve never tried Nars before (couldn’t justify the €€s) but it happens to be on discount at the mo’ on a UK website ( that I also had a voucher for so… 6 products have just been ordered! I went for Orgasm, Albatross and Laguna to see what all the hype is about and then someway, somehow, as if by magic, a lippie (Carthage), gloss (Superorgasm) and eye-shadow duo (Nouveau monde) landed in my bag/cart as well…!

    I’m feeling a little slurge-guilty but ridiculously excited about my first ever Nars goodies :-)


    • 5/31/11 9:45 the Muse:

      brills reme ;-D I think you’re going to really ADORE your haul ;-D NARS has some seriously great product. Hit me back when they arrive curious whatcha think ;D! Enjoy!


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