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Stila Stunning in Sayulita Review, Swatches, Photos

Stila Stunning in Sayulita 1

Surfs up beach girls!

Are you a beach girl? I’m not. I hate sand, seaweed freaks me out, and the ocean in general is just gross. I’m a pool girl.

Stila Stunning in Sayulita is out and available. I seen it a Ulta recently and Sephora has it online plus of course Stila.

This is the first palette in the new Stila Beach Girl Palette Series aka the Travel Girl Palettes from last year but with a higher price tag.

Let’s take a peek!


Too Faced Bronze-Buki Brush Review

Too Faced Bronze Buki Brush 1

Too Faced keeps a stash of Teddy Bears on a ranch somewhere and uses their hairs to create their super soft brushes.

Kiddin’, kiddin’!

Their brushes are as soft as your favorite teddy bear!

Along with their Summer 2011 Collection, Too Faced introduced their new retractable Bronze-Buki Brush which is a travel friendly brush specially designed to use with your fav bronzers!

Take a peek!


Benefit Eyeshadow Bundles to Make Eyes Happy!

Benefit Eyeshadow Bundle 2003

HSN Beauty is offering Benefit Eyeshadow Bundles for $28. I really like their smooth as butter formula so this is a nice little deal as you get two plus a mini Benefit Stay Never Don’t Stray Primer and a brush for application!

Take a peek!


Cheap Thrills with Sephora Glossy Gloss

Cheap Thrills with Sephora Glossy Gloss

What’s up with Sephora going so cheap on their makeup line lately?

Hey, better not complain though eh?

Sephora Glossy Gloss looks interestin’ and pssst cheap, keep it on the down low k?


Stila Haute in the Hamptons Palette Review, Swatches, Photos

Stila Haute in the Hamptons Palette 13

I’m a little out of order here as I’m reviewing the Stila Haute in the Hamptons Palette first when in fact it’s the second palette release. Oops…I like to live dangerously!

Hate to tease you but I purchased this about…two weeks ago? Stila had a preview of it for a single day but removed it from the site. It should be back again in June I believe.

The good news?

At least you know whether or not you need it as you get an early review of it from yours truly.

Let’s peep it!