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I’m currently obsessed with Eva Green’s portrayal of Morgan le Fay in the new series Camelot. How do they make her eyes look that bewitchingly brilliant?

She has very minimal makeup on but they somehow smoked out her eyes to the point they dominate her face. I love this look!

Perhaps a little Pixi Smoky Eye Primer can do the trick?

A shadow primer created exclusively for smoky eye looks!

I think I like the idea of having a primer exclusively for smoky eye looks…it’s kinda of an interesting idea right? Considering most shadow primers are transparent where as the Pixi Smokey Eye Primer is a shade of muddy gray.

The product is housed in a click style pen with a brush applicator for easy application. Smoothing it on basically creates a smoked out effect on it’s own as it’s pigmented enough to act as a shadow of sorts. A little mascara added to the mix and a bit of liner and you could be good to go out of the house without every actually applying anything on top however I do think the finish is way nicer with a powder on top.

The formula is an easy to blend cream which dries down fairly quickly but remains smooth enough to allow powder shadow to glide on easily.

I selected a few shades to try it with such as various taupes, black, and matching shades of the same color as the primer and it basically creates a more vibrant finish to the colors, adding a certain depth and richness to colors I used on top of it.

Unlike Pixi’s other primer I felt like the Smokey version actually kept my shadow in place sans creasing, fading, or migrating.

At $18 I felt like it hurt my wallet an ickle bit as it’s not doing anything a mere cream shadow could do for me!

  • Anyone interested in adding a certain richness and depth to their smoky eye while keeping their shadow in place sans creasing.

  • Anyone who already owns a few shades of cream shadow in darker colors (you can use those for the same effect this provides!).

Does my eyes resemble that of Eva Green? Naa….one could hope though eh? But the effect is fun and interesting but nothing that a cream shadow can’t do for you particularly if you have richer shades in your stash to use prior to adding a powder on top. I’m not sure how much I’d actually utilize this but concept is interesting if nothing at all but at $18 the price doesn’t quite feel right.

What do you think?

How do you prep for a smokey look?

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  • 5/3/11 11:30 Lorraine ER:

    I liked this idea when Kat Von D released it and I still like it but at the same price as UDPP and more than a couple really good cream shadow/base/liners, I couldn’t justify a purchase.
    Also, I’ve never seen camlot but I agree, that actresses eye look is super pretty and alluring.


    • 5/3/11 11:33 the Muse:

      Kat’s is cheaper Lorraine ;-D! so I def think that’s the better deal in this case…I love the idea but I’m curious to see how often I’ll reach for it, knowing me I’ll forget and just use regular primer ;D!


  • 5/3/11 11:35 Vijaya:

    You know what I love? Blacktrack fluidline. Applied as a base it helps makes these ZOMG superblack smoky eyes.


    • 5/3/11 11:39 the Muse:

      vijaya ;-D yes! true ;-D it really does act as an incredible base :D!


  • 5/3/11 15:00 Evelyn:

    Take a gander at her makeup in The Kingdom of Heaven. I am so jealous of her makeup in some of the scenes!


    • 5/3/11 16:07 the Muse:

      gosh yes evelyn ;-D she just has those gorgeous eyes that look fab in anything ;D!


  • 5/4/11 12:46 Jessica:

    I’m ususally a sucker for anything pixi (use their tinted moisturizer daily) but after using this, I thought uh I have like ten other things that could do this.


    • 5/4/11 13:01 the Muse:

      same here jessica…it’s nice but I have so many other products that pretty much will do it for me, do I need to splurge $18 for something else to do the same thing?!


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