Revlon Age Defying with DNA Advantage

Revlon has a new Age Defying Foundation with SPF 20 available for Summer 2011.

Revlon Age Defying with DNA Advantage Foundation promises that in little as two weeks you’ll see a visible improvement in skin. I like that it has an SPF 20 built it however these helix design foundations with serum built in normally end up being very greasy feeling…..

What do you think?

This is available now at drugstores.

  • 5/9/11 10:25 MsDriftedSW:

    what do they mean by DNA advtantage? they trademark it but then dont tell us what it’s supposed to be doing and how it works?


    • 5/9/11 10:29 the Muse:

      saw it at the drugstore msdrifted states that it combines makeup plus anti-aging skincare to help protect skin’s DNA to fight the signs of aging…haven’t a clue if it works, just bringing the news of it :)


      • 5/9/11 10:33 MsDriftedSW:

        sorry it wasnt a criticism to u at all :) i was just wondering :) xxxx


        • 5/9/11 10:37 the Muse:

          no worries drifted, I was just saying I def don’t know if it works or not ;-D Just showing new Summer Collections at the drugstore…..anything with claims of cell renewal always sounds a gimmick to me ;D!


  • 5/9/11 12:57 Angela:

    The swirly packaging reminds me of that Stila One Step I think it is called? Kinda cool looking. I might try it out even though I’m 20 haha. never hurts x]


    • 5/9/11 13:41 the Muse:

      yes def angela ;-D heck never too early to start the anti-aging process right?


    • 5/9/11 15:49 Reme:

      Ditto Angela, I’m intrigued by the swirly look of the product in the tube, definitely one for my ‘must check out’ list!


  • 5/9/11 17:25 JoElla:

    that just looks heavy for summer. Maybe I will try in the winter months.


    • 5/10/11 9:13 the Muse:

      agreed Jo!


  • 5/13/11 19:26 Jenna:

    It’s actually no that heavy at all. The “cream” is misleading. I buff it on with a brush, and it comes out very filmy and light, yet covers well. But a little goes a long way. It’s great for dry skin- doesn’t emphasize lines at all!


  • 5/21/11 13:23 Mia:

    This is actually a great product. I applied it and sat it with a finishing powder. It has stayed on through me sweating (I’m moving). It still looks in place and I wore it for a tiny bit yesterday. I removed it with a baby wipe and woke up with clear soft skin.


  • 8/14/11 21:35 Noelle:

    I’m a little put off by the steep price tag.. 14.99 thats a bit much to me for a drugstore foundation..


  • 12/4/11 10:09 Angel:

    it’s $40 dollars here in Queensland Australia love the product but do not believe that it should be sold at that price :/ love it though and use it most days and being a dance teacher it’s amazing that it stays on all day 😛


    • 8/3/13 22:33 Jackie Busby:

      Just brought this $47.99 in New Zealand looked shinny at first set with loose powder and looks very nice might add in 54 with some sun damage and seems to cover well have to see how this one goes


  • 10/5/12 20:35 Tatianna:

    I love the foundation and the concealer. Both make your face feel light, soft and ultra moisturized without looking or feeling greasy. I’ve definitely noticed a difference. The concealer is great for bags and dark circles beneath the eyes..


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