Sheer Cover Refreshing Face Mist Review

How old is Leeza Gibbons anyway? Everything I see her in a Sheer Cover infomercial I’m gagging over how flawless she looks!

Whoa she’s 54? For serious? Thanks Wikipedia!

When I grow up I wanna look just as good….

Speaking of Sheer Cover I got some of their Refreshing Face Mist to try out recently and I was like oh hells yes! I love mists in the Summer…I haul them all out of my beauty stash and put them in my beauty fridge, damn straight I have a mini fridge for my makeup, so they are nice and cool on my face!

Let’s take a peek at Sheer Cover Refreshing Face Mist.

A mist for your face to set makeup, refresh your face, or as a prep prior to makeup!

I guess if you’ve tried on facial mist you’ve tried them all but I’m always up for purchasing them regardless. Sheer Cover Refreshing Face Mist doesn’t prove to have anything particularly special in the mix that other mists have but it’s still a nice facial spray regardless.

The formula is nicely hydrating with a refreshing yet subtle scent. I use it as a quick pick me up throughout the day and I also use it as a prep prior to moisturizer and makeup. It proves great if I’m using a powder foundation or finishing powder as it’ll ease any harshness of the powder and give my face a dewy finish.

I’m not particularly keen on using it to set makeup since I use BB Cream and a mist on top, well, I find it messy however if you’re a mineral user it’s a nice one for setting the makeup and allowing it to breath so to speak.

I was a little disappointed at the price as it’s $24.95 for a 2 oz size ouch!

  • Those who use Sheer Cover products and want to keep it “within the brand”.
  • Those who want a refreshing mist to use as a prep prior to moisturizer and makeup.
  • Those who use powder base products or finish their looks with a setting powder that want a more natural, refined finish (this gives a dewy finish to skin).

  • Those unwilling to dish out a higher price tag on such a small size!

I’d buy this again if it wasn’t for the price tag. It’s a nice refreshing mist and I really enjoyed the scent. Of course, it didn’t prove any more special than the hundreds of other mists I already own however I could see myself indulging again if they shaved a few dollars off the price tag, that really was an ouch factor.

Anyone ever try it?

Do share!

Available from Sheer Cover.


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