Stila Natural Eye Shadow Palette Stila Cosmetics Fall 2011

I imagine we can expect to see more vampy lips and smoky eyes than we can handle come the Fall. Blame it on a long, hot Summer of True Blood or perhaps it’s one of those trends that simply won’t go away but I suspect we’ll see it trending for Fall 2011.

If you prefer a more natural, nude look you can take the way back machine to this Spring and indulge the trend with the new Stila Natural Eye Shadow Palette releasing for Fall 2011.

The palette is available as a pre-sale today for a limited time in a limited quantity for Stila VIP Stars.

Take a look!

God, I hate bursting your bubble but yes, it contains Kitten! Outside of that deja vu shade you also get nine other shades and a Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner in Damsel (matte chocolate brown) and an 8 page get the look book.

Shades include:

  • Bare – matte ivory shade
  • Bliss – matte beige pink
  • Sunset – shimmery canyon pink
  • Sandstone – matte light coco
  • Champagne – shimmery pale gold
  • Gilded Gold – golden brown with shimmer
  • Luster – dark aubergine with gold shimmer
  • Night Sky – blue with shimmer
  • Ebony – black

The promo image doesn’t do justice to the shades but count me curious about the overall palette as aside from Kitten, I’d say the shades look very wearable and pretty.

Do we need it?

I’d like to think so even though we can probably dupe every shade here.

What do you think?

It’s available now, check your inbox for a link to grab it (I’d share my link but it’s attached to my personal e-mail address).

  • 5/17/11 10:12 Sarah:

    Kitten makes me rage so hard. I can’t stand it!

    Otherwise it looks nice, but I can wait on this. It’ll eventually go on clearance or end up cheap on ACW.


    • 5/17/11 10:53 the Muse:

      true dat sarah ;-D


  • 5/17/11 10:44 Musebeliever:

    Pretty ! *o*
    Actually I just started very recently constitutiong my eyeshadows collection. Before I had one duo and that was it.
    So I don’t have a dupe for most of these !
    If I get Sirena Island palette, I’ll not haul this one. Btw, I got news from simplebeauty !


    • 5/17/11 11:06 the Muse:

      Muse just read your news so happy ;-D! w00t!


  • 5/17/11 11:05 Anitacska:

    Is Kitten Stila’s Midnight Cowboy then?


    • 5/17/11 11:05 the Muse:

      lol basically Anita ;D!


  • 5/17/11 12:10 Amanda:

    I actually like Kitten…but I don’t need it in freakin’ everything. It works well on my skin tone for highlighting, but I have 4 pallettes from Stila, and 3 of them have kitten. I don’t need that much!


    • 5/17/11 12:13 the Muse:

      I love kitten Amanda I just have enough to use for the next 5 decades ;-D!


  • 5/17/11 12:38 jenna:

    i hate when there’s a black shadow! they take FOREVER to use up as i barely have the skills to set my liner with them let alone heap the stuff onto my eyelid! grr.


    • 5/20/11 14:24 the Muse:

      jenna DITTO!!!!!!!


  • 5/17/11 19:59 theRothstanator:

    Ohh!! I want it! I am really into companies with bold colors, like UD and Kat and Too Faced, but Stila has somehow come into my top 5 now! I guess you didn’t get it yet?


    • 5/18/11 9:23 the Muse:

      hey theroth I really like their releases too! yeah, had it since the release, never got around to actually wearing it yet lol!


  • 5/17/11 21:34 jac-kie:

    looks pretty! wonder what the price would be in AUD – probably jacked up so high i won’t get it >.<


  • 5/18/11 22:25 Jane:

    So pretty! It’s like the Smashbox softbox palette’s sister or cousin lol. Love it!


    • 5/19/11 11:52 the Muse:

      ha exactly Jane!


  • 5/19/11 9:20 *telle*:

    this is purdy! too bad it wasnt released for summer with the nude trends. looking forward to swatches and reviews of this! and for when this hits the shelves at cdn retailers! since i last checked, stila doesnt ship to canada :( *sniffles*


  • 5/19/11 15:37 Irene:

    Personally I adore Kitten but I am sick and tired of it always popping up in almost every single palette from Stila. They’ve been doing this since the early 2000’s and it’s just lame. *lol*


    • 5/19/11 15:40 the Muse:

      me too irene ;-D def a great shade but no damn more!


  • 5/19/11 16:00 Majick:

    kitten, midnight cowboy, orgasm, UD zero eye pencil, BE LIght Foundation, and mascara sample sizes – my horse is choking.

    I didn’t get a link and it’s not on the STila site (not that I’m getting it but I had to look). I did get an email with a F&F code for 20% off and free shipping. The code is FRIENDS11 if anyone is interested.


  • 5/25/11 2:05 Jovanna:

    with 4 mattes, I couldn’t get it. I like how they include a liner, however, it’s matte too. I wish they did some pearl like shimmer. I wish kitten was not included in everything too! I do like their primecolor and smudgepot in kitten, use it everyday, but eyeshadow could be used more sparingly.


    • 5/25/11 9:44 the Muse:

      jovanna mattes aside I got mine and I likey ;-D it’s very pretty!


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