Stila Returns to the UK

Here’s some exciting news!

Guess what UK Stila fans?

Stila is relaunching in the UK and you’ll see the range available nationwide starting in June.

Hopefully this means Stila’s return to Asia is on the horizon too!

Happy Days UK’ers!

  • 5/12/11 10:21 Therese:

    YAY!!! Good news indeed = )


  • 5/12/11 11:24 tee:

    I am pretty sure we have Stila in some shops in Singapore. Saw it in Orchard road once…
    but the prices were mind blowing!


    • 5/12/11 11:26 the Muse:

      hey tee was it a while ago, as it was def within Asia at some point but pulled out of the market when they were having bankrupt probs and began the process of becoming independently owned.


      • 5/12/11 11:51 tee:

        It was last month or so. (For Singaporeans: The shop is on Paragon Shopping Mall somewhere on 3rd or 4th level). A small shop selling Stila and nice collection of niche perfumes.

        Never glance the Stila part of the shop again, thanks to the price…


        • 5/12/11 12:14 the Muse:

          thanks tee ;-D that’s helpful to ‘pore readers!!


  • 5/12/11 18:58 Phyrra:

    Pretty promo art 😉


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