Yay or Nay: Feather Hair Extensions

Someone obviously boarded the DeLorean and took a trip to the 80’s because, suddenly, this Summer, feather hair extensions are the IT accessory. My sister wore them in 1984, I have the pic to prove it although I can’t share as I’m saving it for some bigger and better blackmail scheme in the future!


With a bottle of jack and some swagger, I’m imaging it was Ke$ha who unintentionally brought the trend back after her unexpected trip to the past. Hopefully she didn’t bring back leg warmers with her because no way in hell am I making that happen.

Feather hair extensions?

Yay or nay?

Frontman Steven Tyler has been wearing them for the past two decades and I suspect Slash would totally rock them given the chance but I pray not as the Heavy Metal and Hair Band blood that travels through my veins may need to be severed and bled out.

Fact is they are popping up everywhere at the moment and Sephora even has a special little do it yourself kit available for those who want to embrace the trend, although I pray with all my heart you do not.

What do you think if feather hair extensions?

Yay or Nayin’ them for Summer?

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  • 5/31/11 20:26 Courtney:

    OMG, I know, right? I was totally shocked to see them peddled on Birchbox and now Sephora? What is the world coming to! Maybe if I were still a teenager but as an adult, no way. It kinda reminds me of the hair wraps trend of the 90’s.


  • 5/31/11 20:45 Tigress:

    Big Nay from me. I think they’re so ridiculous.


  • 5/31/11 20:51 Marina:

    Nay. I have uber short hair now, so it wouldn’t work. Steven can have as MUCH as he wants, though.


  • 5/31/11 20:58 Colleen:

    i dont know about them being a teenager i think they are kind of cool but the often look small and stringy in the hair which makes them look gross


  • 5/31/11 21:19 tiny:

    YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY!!!! Not a fan of the wide ones, but the skinny striped ones that you can curl or straighten and blowdry.. WINNING!!!!!!


  • 5/31/11 21:34 Liz!:

    I kinda like the thin ones from Sephora. They speak to my inner hippitydippity flower child. I totally would have rocked them as a teenager 😀


  • 5/31/11 21:45 JoElla:

    Nope.. played with that look way back in the 80’s. I’ve done put that roach clip down! (in my hair!!LOL)


  • 5/31/11 21:54 Phyrra:

    I think they look cute. I don’t own any, but I wouldn’t be adverse to tossing a few in


  • 5/31/11 22:15 Kayla:

    I saw a girl with the skinny ones (like you posted) today and I’ll admit, I really liked them! I don’t know if I would ever personally rock them, though. Mostly just because the vast majority of people think they’re ridiculous 😛


  • 5/31/11 22:20 emma:

    yay! i currently have 2 – a thin orange feather that peeks out from the side of my hair, & a thicker striped feather below my ear(: i really like them… theyre kinda indie/hipster chic .. i like kesha’s feather earrings/extentions too!


  • 5/31/11 22:32 angel:

    um i really love them and im also a HUGE fan of the one feather earrings but you can really over do them! aka steven tyler. Are they more appropriate for the clubs than an office, yeah but hey, the 80’s are makin a comeback.


  • 5/31/11 22:34 Autumn Rush:

    A big YAYYYYY for me. Not a big bunch that looks like I have an actual bird on my head. But I think that one little strand can look quite cute. Maybe even feather earrings instead?


    • 6/1/11 16:32 the Muse:

      FEATHER earrings rock Autumn ;D!


  • 5/31/11 22:59 Melissa:

    Count me YAY! My hair stylest had the skiny ones in her hair and they were subtle and fun not so 80’s like but the 80’s girl in me is lemming. :)


  • 6/1/11 2:14 LMat:

    My coworker got some and they look kind of cute. Not sure if I’d rock the look myself though…


  • 6/1/11 9:47 Jenny:

    I have some in my hair and sometimes they are noticeable and sometimes they aren’t. I’ve had a lot of people to stop and ask me what they were and compliment them. Mine are Purple and are set against ombre hair so it makes me feel really summery.


  • 6/1/11 10:11 LaurieS:

    Nah, I did the roach clip thing in th 80’s and would look pretty silly with ’em now. I think they look good on Tyler though because he’s such a nut he can pull it off..


  • 6/1/11 10:15 Maria:

    Big yay from me! I’ll probably pick one up if I can find them in store. They are expensive tho..


  • 6/1/11 10:31 Regina:

    I’m out but they look cute on the younger gals


  • 6/1/11 10:59 Cj:

    Big Nay for me, they look ridiculous.


  • 6/1/11 11:50 Nathalie:

    Big giant enormous NAY on this one.


  • 6/1/11 13:06 Andi:

    eh… used to be yay back in feb but now its everywhere…so nay.


  • 6/1/11 13:26 Fey:

    Around my university (in Colorado), I’ve been seeing these babies pop up everywhere. The thin and long ones are the most popular, usually with a striped design. I’m not seeing the aesthetic design of these, though feather lashes and earrings and peacock hairbands are still appealing to me. Somehow, the muted popular colors (teal, brown, taupe, tan, black) of the feather extensions make hair looks almost dirty.


  • 6/1/11 13:37 Coral:

    I thought they looked cute the first time I saw them. And then I kept seeing them over and over and it was just very much over done. So it would have to be a Nay for me with how much it is done.


  • 6/1/11 13:56 emma:

    i like them! i have 2.. an orange skinny one on the side of my hair & a thick striped one below my ear (so it looks kinda like a feather earring.) 😀


  • 6/24/11 12:29 Rosalie Morton:

    Anything we can remotely attribute to Ke$ha is an automatic NAY for me 😉 Not a fan… not a fan…


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