11 is a Go! Matt Smith Confirmed for 2012 Doctor Who Season

Non Cosmetic Musings ahead…

I haven’t been keeping up with SJA so hadn’t realized that MS had a cross over on a recent eppy…where the hell was I?

But honestly SJA was a bit too naff for me, heck even my geeky side thought so.

Anyway….in a faithful episode, our 11th decided to throw fandom to the wind and announced he could regenerate 507 times. A single number blew 30 years of myth out of the water. 507? What the bloody hell…507 times?

And in other news the BBC throws Who history and tradition out the window in place of marketing and cashing in on a franchise.

I refuse to believe the Doctor can regenerate 507 times for crumbs sake.

Fact is the Doctor’s running out of regeneration periods although there has been clauses in some cases where he “regenerated”, loosely using the term there, and still managed to stay the same…Time Lord’s can only regenerate 12 times (thirteen incarnations in all) don’t listen to what Moffat tells you.

On that note I’ll spread the cheer that Matt Smith is confirmed to return as the Doctor for 14 more episodes in 2012. Yay!

Will Pond return? That remains to be seen…

  • 6/7/11 21:58 Cj:

    Wait wait wait! Time lords can only regenerate 12 times?! But were already on the 11th doctor! What happens when MS gets tired of playing the doctor :(! This is very troubling news. Lol

    When I head about Elizabeth dying I youtubed the episode when she met 11 :) was pretty good.

    And Yay! I’m glad MS is sticking around, I actually like him lol


    • 6/7/11 22:05 the Muse:

      lol cj ;-D yes, sadly they can only regenerate 12 times my dear boy ;-D and that’s it. But DW has suddenly become a very hot market in both the UK and the US. Mind you when it stepped back in 2005 it was anticipated by hardcore fans and the series has always had a loyal fan base but I don’t think I’ve really seen it marketed so well as it is now. Particularly with the special attention they are paying to our own market here in the US. It’s interesting so 12 times will somehow be re-written to 507? lol! Elizabeth meets Ten in new episodes and Ten also has a cross over eppy in SJA if you haven’t seen ’em ;-D Yup, she originally met him in TTW with nu,ber 3 but I always enjoyed her blather with 4 ;-D but perhaps I’m bias as TB was my doctor 😀 you should watch some of the older series with her and TB, they are fun but he makes it fun, bias again!

      I actually like him too. It took a sec to adjust but he fits the shoes perfectly ;D


  • 6/8/11 0:11 Vanessa:

    507? How long do they expect the series to last? Another millenium? Even then, his regeneration would throw the events from “The Impossible Astronaut” completely out the window!


    • 6/8/11 0:21 the Muse:

      ha vanessa hey it’s been over 40 years why not 500 more! LOL!


  • 6/8/11 7:34 Marina:

    507 sounded like a joke to me 😉
    I like him, but then again, he’s all I’ve known besides a couple clips of Tennant. I’ve been really busy with life lately (XD) so I haven’t been able to start watching the seasons I’ve missed.


    • 6/8/11 9:53 the Muse:

      i think the Mof totally meant it seriously at first Marina but the outcry from the fandom had him retracting it REALLY fast ;D!


  • 6/8/11 9:39 laura r:

    hi musey,
    i dunno if you’re aware but there is a whole musical movement called Trock (Timelord rock) dedicated to Dr. Who. (A similar movement called “wrock” [wizard rock] is dedicated to Harry Potter.)

    this band pioneered Trock: http://dftba.com/artist/9/Chameleon-Circuit
    and there are a few more as well.


  • 6/8/11 15:46 Karina A.:

    Maybe they’ll change time lords? Remember that little girl regenerating in the alley at the end of the Impossible Astronaut. Maybe we get a new time lord?

    p.s. did you see how Arthur (Rory) unofficially announced that he wouldn’t be returning to DW by announcing other plans to return to the stage. I really like Amy and Rory as companions…


  • 6/10/11 0:08 Elena:

    I love Pond. I never want her to leave, she’s the most awesome companion yet. Or maybe that’s my scottophilia speaking…


  • 6/12/11 15:19 reeder:

    Just WAIT until you see the season finale that aired yesterday. Talk about a cliffhanger as they go out for summer holiday. Hope you are having a wonderful vacation.


    • 6/29/11 14:21 the Muse:

      amazing reeder ;-D I WANT more ;-D thanks hun! i’m back now, had a fab time!


  • 6/12/11 16:44 Wendy:

    I’m pretty sure 507 was a clever math joke/riddle. 5+0+7=12 Regenerations, 13 Doctors.

    However, because the Master was once promised a new set of regenerations by the High Council in the 5 doctors (which he didn’t get), I’m pretty sure the writers could somehow grant a new set of regenerations if they really wanted to. For example, in S5, The Doctor rebooted the universe. That right there, could grant 12 new regenerations or totally change the rules.

    But I wouldn’t worry about 507.


  • 6/15/11 1:17 Harleygirl:

    I loved the Demon’s Run episode and I’m looking forward to seeing MS again later this summer. I wasn’t sure about him at first, but he grew on me! Now tell me, just how does the doctor know River, hmmmm??? and is there significance in that she has Time Lord in her DNA AND also goes by Doctor Song?


    • 6/27/11 16:47 the Muse:

      A Good Man Goes to War was amazing Harley ;-D Agreed. I’m looking forward to his late Summer return as well. He’s just so amazing! ;-D did you see the finale!? It basically gave away all those great secrets!


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