Bare Minerals High Shine Eye Color Review, Swatches, Photos

Heyz….shiny, metallic eyes for Summer anyone? Bare Minerals High Shine Eye Color, just the trick for high shine, shimmery metallic lids for the warm weather.

These high intensity pigments are 100% Pure Bare Minerals with a preservation free formula plus damn, they are crazy pigmented.

Take a look!

A vibrant colored shadow with high shiny sheen.

These are incredible particularly for those who prefer a dramatic eye plus they prove a snap to use. Available in 12 shades these apply with a foiled, liquid metal effect that will prove a powerful pop for Summer lids.

The formula is an interesting creamy, loose pigment texture which glides on lids beautifully and leaves behind an incredible color payoff. The shadows have a very pigmented formula that give a foiled, shiny effect somewhat like liquid metal. If you’re using a small amount it will yield a very nice color pay off. I find they glide on easily with very minimal fall out thanks to the sponge applicator they come with however the best results are when a single shade is used alone as things get a little muddy if you try combining shades.

Each shadow comes housed in a small lipgloss style vial with an attached large sponge applicator. Simply dip the applicator in and you’ll have a good deal of powder to smooth on lids. The applicator is a soft, larger sponge that fits the contour of my lid very well. A single swipe gets the entire lid and you can easily build up the color for more intensity (not that you’ll need to though!). I wouldn’t call these super shimmery but more of a high shine metallic effect although one shade I tried was a tad frosty as well as shiny.

The shades I tested were Ice (a frosty pink) and Rose Gold (a rosy bronze). I wasn’t too keen on Ice as it came across a tad frosty on me however Rose Gold was very shiny and metallic and produced a very dramatic eye look. This shade will compliment tans very nicely!

If you’re slightly wary of using loose pigments these prove a great way to do so as there is very minimal mess involved thanks to the fuss-free enclosed applicator and the fact that the jar is sealed off so no shadow gets spilled.

Fall out is minimal but be ware when loading your sponge as you can over do it and end up with a bit of a mess under eyes and on cheeks with flaky pigment pieces flying about.

I do believe they are best suited to using one at a time and not combing shades or other shadows with them because they get a tad muddy when combined.

  • Those who hate loose pigments because of the messy application (the application and small vial makes things mess free and simple!).
  • Those wanting a foiled, high shine lid for Summer.
  • Those who like dramatic, bold, pigmented eye looks!
  • Those who don’t mind using a single shade of shadow (I suggest a single shadow at a time with these as it can be overly done or end up a bit too muddy when trying to contrast).
  • Newbies to shadow (You can get a super dramatic look with these with minimal effort of blending several shades).

  • Those who want to combine several shades for a contrasting look (I recommend using a single shade at a time).
  • Those who prefer a more subdued, subtle eye look (these POP!)

Overall, I’m pretty much loving these! I got two to try out and recently ordered four more from Sephora (swatches of the those coming shortly). I think they are fabulous for days I can’t be bothered with combing several eyeshadows to create a dramatic look. A little of these plus some liner and mascara produce a bold eye look with very minimal effort. The high shine and interesting metallic effect feed my need for drama plus easy, mess-free application rocks!

Loves ’em!

Very Muse Approved for purchase!

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  • 6/7/11 16:52 Regina:

    OH, I want!! Have some other items on my Sephora shopping list so I’m excited to try this


  • 6/7/11 19:15 Isis:

    really loving the ice, looks very wearable, maybe it’ll be my first foray into bare minerals.


  • 6/7/11 19:46 Kendra:

    I love the shade Patina and meteorite they are very unique!!


  • 6/8/11 12:35 Barb:

    I have this in Patina and love it!! I’m definitely going back for more colors. So easy and long wearing.


  • 6/8/11 12:55 LaurieS:

    These look so beautiful but I am going to resist. I have so many BE pots that when “foiled” will probably give me the same look.


  • 6/8/11 14:33 Majick:

    I have these in Electric (teal), Glisten (sand), and Patina (greenish khaki) and they are great. I like to use them on the middle of my eyelid for some pop when I’m wearing matte shades. Just a touch and they are perfect. I agree I don’t think I would want to mix the colors together it would be a bit much.


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