Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful to Go Collection Did You Get Yours Yet?

My Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful To Go Collection arrived from QVC squee!

  • 6/8/11 22:53 Jess:

    MINE CAME TODAY TOOOOO!!!!! I’m glad to add the shadows to my non existent matte collection (i only really use shimmers).. but my favorite are those dang blushes. SO beautiful! thanks so much for introducing it to me <3 xoxoxoox


    • 6/9/11 9:52 the Muse:

      w00t jess ;-D glad you got it girl! I’m the same, total shimmer girl! I’m so glad you’re pleased with it honey!


  • 6/9/11 7:51 JenJ:

    I suuuuuuure did! It came yesterday *dances* I have a work trip coming up in July. This and the Peony palette are coming with me.


    • 6/9/11 9:28 the Muse:

      yay Jen!!!!!! wear in health ;D


  • 6/9/11 17:02 Majick:

    I hope mine is waiting for me when I get home.


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