Do Not Want: Doctor T’s Supergoop! Everyday Defense Duo SPF 30+ “da Super Size Edition”

I question whether I need a gallon of anything called Supergoop.

Do not want.

That is all.

  • 6/29/11 16:47 Carrie:

    Only way I see this being necessary is a day care/summer camp situation- I can’t who else would go through that much sunscreen!


    • 6/29/11 17:08 the Muse:

      true carrie plus most SPF expires in a year..unless you plan on bathing in it?


    • 6/29/11 17:28 kristina:

      Or…. someone like myself with 4 children who has already gone through at least 4 bottles of sunscreen this year! :)


  • 6/29/11 16:50 sillylilacs:

    I wonder if they’re trying to be…cute? With that supergoop-ness >_<


    • 6/29/11 17:08 the Muse:

      goop just sounds wrong no matter how cute ;D!


      • 6/29/11 17:10 sillylilacs:

        LOL! But they even added an exclamation mark at the end 😉


        • 6/29/11 17:13 the Muse:

          that’s because adding an exclamation mark makes it more super lilac…duh! lol!


          • 6/29/11 17:25 sillylilacs:

            Super lilac? =D I get my own phrase? haha…woot! XD hehe…

            Super lilac for exclamation mark.

            No super lilac for “very water resistant” when parsol 1789 is a water soluble compound >_<

            Yes…lilac is a science nerd XD

          • 6/29/11 17:27 the Muse:

            super Muse! sounds better actually super Muse!! haha!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-D science nerd! <—exclamation point ;D!

  • 6/29/11 17:04 Larie:

    Lmao, Muse. You always make my day :)


    • 6/29/11 17:06 the Muse:

      hehe larie ;D I try I try ;D!


  • 6/29/11 17:07 courtney:

    Haha, you crack me up.


    • 6/29/11 17:07 the Muse:

      hehe court ;D


  • 6/29/11 17:24 Luci:

    Hi Muse,

    Sorry, this is totally off-topic, but I have a quick question; I am looking for an affordable eye cream that is also useful (I’m on a very very limited college budget – basically a “negative salary” >_<) Any suggestions please?



    • 6/30/11 11:35 the Muse:

      hi luci mmm have you checked the archives? I’m of the mentality that eye cream is a splurge and haven’t seen great results from 100 dollar ones never mind cheaper ones ;D!


      • 6/30/11 15:04 luci:

        Thanks Muse, I just ordered a Yes to Carrots eye cream and will be checking it out. Also tried one from boscia and it was good. The “All about eyes” for clinique felt refreshing but not very useful. We’ll see!


        • 6/30/11 15:09 the Muse:

          hey luci. sadly, wasn’t too impressed with anything by yes to carrots but look forward to hearing your thoughts! Haven’t tried boscia and same here, all about the eyes is very refreshing but does nothing :( I have a good deal of Asian eye cream reviews up, you might want to check those out as they are fairly inexpensive ;D!


  • 6/29/11 17:46 Mina:

    I think they want us to drink it up to have the SPFs running out our pores LOL!!! Goopy!!!


  • 6/29/11 18:45 Jessica Allison:

    As mammoth as this looks, it seems to be only 24 Oz. If you’re out in the sun and applying as you should, that’s really only 48 hours of protection (you’re supposed to reapply every 2 hours of exposure!)

    If you look at it that way, this huge bottle is really only a few long days on the beach- even less if you’re using it on your entire family!

    Having said that…$68??? Nope. Do Not Want!


  • 6/29/11 21:20 electronicfly:

    I would get a bottle! hahahahahah but def. to share with a whole load of people. It’s sunny where I am, but we usually don’t bother with sunscreen 😛


  • 6/29/11 22:06 tina:

    i kind of want this…


  • 6/29/11 22:41 Jamie:

    Lol! Imagine how funny it would be to take this to the beach.


    • 6/30/11 11:29 the Muse:

      jamie you could hand out samples lol!


  • 6/29/11 23:08 Jackers:

    Well okay then. It just reminds me of an emergency supply of gasoline you would keep in the car or something.


  • 6/30/11 5:39 Kelly:

    I’m pretty must repeating what previous poster posted (say that 10 times fast!) I saw this in a baby specialty shop and gagged at the size vs price! Ridiculous. The pump packaging is a smart idea though.


  • 6/30/11 7:35 Mary the Muse Militant:

    Ah, this must be for the troop of America’s Next Top Model wannabees. Line up girls !
    Actually it looks like a toilet cleaner to me.


  • 6/30/11 12:15 Annie:

    I actually use this. I love it. I have the mini tube of this product and use it on my face daily. It’s really great.


  • 6/30/11 13:44 sarah:

    This is my favorite sunscreen ever. Doesn’t break me out, isn’t greasy, no weird smell. Its the BEST.


  • 7/1/11 16:23 Strawberry Cube:

    Oh my god. This scares me. o_o


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