Game On!

My friend Angel left these in my mail box! w00t! Which to play first? I’m still working through Black Mirror II so I think The Rockin’ Dead gets installed first…damn, need more hours in the day to get my game on.

What are you playin’ at the moment?

  • 6/6/11 22:08 Mimsy:

    I’m playing LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean (PC) at the moment. It’s cute 😀

    Adventure games are my favorite game genre! I finished Black Mirror 3 not too long ago. I’ll have to check out The Rockin’ Dead. I’m intrigued. I’ve never tried an adventure game that uses 3D glasses. LOL


    • 6/6/11 23:12 the Muse:

      hey mimsy me like PotC lego ;-D so fun! I heart Adventure too, I’m an old schooler when it comes to RPG/Adventure genre and I have a soft spot in my heart for all the new ones! lol the 3d is so corny but you can play 2d as well ;D it actually has really good music and a funky story line…so far only played about 4 mins but still seemed cool ;D hate the steam installer though :-/


  • 6/6/11 22:39 Eve:

    Okamiden for the Nintendo DS. I WAS playing Final Fantasy XIII BUT my PS3 decided to break down on me…./heavy sigh


    • 6/6/11 23:11 the Muse:

      FF XIII is literally sitting in an amazon box, unopened, at the bottom of my closet Eve b/c I know once I install it, it’ll suck hours away from my life…possibly years.


  • 6/6/11 23:22 Steph.:

    Totally rocking Fable 3 with my other half, and we’re also playing some Witcher 2 here and there when time permits. But totally loving Fable 3 right now.


    • 6/6/11 23:25 the Muse:

      fable fans *claps* brills Steph! I haven’t committed to F3 to be honest! W2 is actually on my tbp shelf ;-D (to be played) what’s the good word? I read a few craptastic reviews on it.


      • 6/7/11 11:10 Eve:

        It was disappointingly short! I beat it in like a 3 sitdowns! It was a very “shallow” game, like there was no depth to it. And now they’re releasing a rail-shooteresque FP Fable for the Kinect and my palm is all sorts of hitting the face.


      • 6/7/11 16:33 Steph.:

        Fable 3, although graphics aren’t the hottest, is crazy fun, good story line, feels like there is a lot to do, and I do mean a lot. Co-op playing on the 360 is trying at times, as you share the same screen and same view, but on PC is apparently much better since you have your own views and just share the world.

        Witcher 2 looks pretty awesome, the story line got me hooked so I’ve been watching my other half play it when he gets a chance. :)

        Plus with Blockbuster going bankrupt we’ve been picking up brand new games for half the price or less from there!


  • 6/7/11 16:01 Cj:

    Hey Muse :) Since I got sick, I’ve been playing copious amounts of Counter Strike: Source. Nothings better at getting over a cold than killing a bunch of people online lol!


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