MAC Semi Precious

MAC Semi Precious Collection launches on July 7th.

Are you in?

I’m a ickle burnt out on ye olde’ baked formula but this might get my blood pumping again!

Here are a few images and deets for the collection!

The girls at Magi-Mania have posted a few images to whet our appetite for Semi Precious this morning!

MAC Semi Precious Lipstick

  • Gem of Roses – Mid tone strawberry pink (Lustre)
  • Lush Amber – Light nude beige (Lustre)
  • One of a Kind – Mid tone rosy neutral (Lustre)
  • Musky Amethyst – Deep plum (Frost)

MAC Semi Precious Cremesheen Glass

  • Geo Pink – Strawberry pink
  • Natural Flare – Light caramel nude
  • Pure Magnificence – Light grey pink
  • Look Like Sin – Mid tone reddish plum
  • Richly Revered – Deep brown plum

MAC Semi Precious Mineralize Eyeshadow

  • Blue Sheen – navy, black and peach
  • Dark Indulgence – forest green and black
  • Smokey Ruby – burgundy and black
  • Golden Glaze – gold and black
  • Rare Find – violet, brown and gold
  • Jade’s Fortune – bright yellow, blue, lime and black
  • Mint of sapphire – pink violet, teal, copper, and blue
  • Faux Gold – coral, gold, lime and bronze
  • Quartz Fusion – soft pink, silver and deep pink
  • Unsurpassable – green, teal, purple, and copper
  • Clarity – white, copper and grey
  • Mineral Mode – white, copper and grey

MAC Semi Precious Mineralize Blush

  • Feeling Flush – Melange pink, deep blue pink and soft brown
  • Warmth of Coral – Melange peach and coral
  • Pressed Amber – Melange nude, beige and brown

MAC Semi Precious Mineralize Skinfinish

  • Semi precious pearl – Base: beige champagne / Inner circle: white, plum, bronze
  • Semi precious crystal pink – Base: pink champagne / Inner circle: pink, mid tone green, bronze
  • Semi precious rose quartz – Base: rosy pink / Inner circle: silver, lime, white pink copper

MAC Brushes

  • #128 Split Fibre Cheek Brush
  • #179 Split Fibre Angled Buffer Brush
  • #234 Split Fibre Blending Brush
  • #235 Split Fibre All Over Eye Brush

MAC Semi Precious Mineralize Charged Water

  • Revitalizing Energy

MAC Semi Precious Mineralize All-Over Lotion (permanent)

MAC Zoom Fast Black Lash (permanent)


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  • 6/8/11 10:29 Musebeliever:

    I’m really not convinced, particularly since I discovered a kiko store with amazing and ultra cheap baked eyeshadows. 6 euros each.
    Heaven on earth I say !

    *o* I am so happy ! Normally the budget eyeshadows are bad for my eyes, but these are purrrfect.


    • 6/8/11 14:47 Misato-san:

      cheap they are… not all of them are worth buying (I’m Italian and Kiko is an italian brand, I know it well). I’ve got only a mineralize from MAC (one from Venomous Villains collection) and it is way better than my Kiko ones.

      the normal line is good, but the baked one… only a few of them are worth hauling.


  • 6/8/11 10:35 Alex:

    OMG!!! The MSF’s look amazing! And the eyshadows. Oh I’m going gaga over this!


  • 6/8/11 10:41 Lulee:

    the brushes look interesting but i’m kind of disappointed in the MSFs. I was hoping for something awesome like stereo rose but these just *look* like big versions of the quite cute blushes.


    • 6/8/11 10:43 the Muse:

      lulee I’d kill for awesome like stereo rose 😀


  • 6/8/11 11:36 Nunuiviet:

    I ‘ll go for some MSFs and maybe one or two brushes


  • 6/8/11 12:27 Larie:

    That vampy lip color on the promo pic is gorgeous. Nothing else is really appealing to me.


  • 6/8/11 12:42 LaurieS:

    I think MAC’s gonna get some of my cash for this collection. I’m a sucker for baked and some of these shades look loverly.


  • 6/8/11 13:55 sillylilacs:

    I already know I’m going to get Warmth of Coral for sure. Peaches/corals FTW! =D And MSFs are sort of my weakness…soo I think I might take some extra hours at work LOL


  • 6/8/11 14:43 JoElla:

    crap! A MAC line I actually want..


  • 6/8/11 14:51 Misato-san:

    not really interested I have to admit. I can be interested in the plum frosty lipstick (I need to see it live) but mineralizes… there isn’t one catching my attention right now. As for blushes, a couple of them look really promising but I need to stay away from new blushes since I’ve got two with Quite Cute and other stuff and I’m pretty happy with that.


  • 6/9/11 8:20 shusheshe:

    I’m really digging this collection, eyeshadows AND brushes, more than the last couple MAC ones.


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