My Beauty Diary Sweet Teatime Mini Set Review

My Beauty Diary Sweet Teatime Mini Set 14

A friend of mine recently gifted me with the May Beauty Diary Sweet Teatime Mini Set.


Anything that’s mini and involves tea and beauty, I’m so in like Flynn!

Let’s take a look!

This set comes in a cute ribbon decorated box with a flip lid. Inside you’ll find two trial size products from the My Beauty Sweet Tea Time Collection plus two sheet masks.

My Beauty Diary Sweet Teatime Mini Set 13

My Beauty Diary Sweet Teatime Mini Set 10

My Beauty Diary Sweet Teatime Mini Set 11

My Beauty Diary Sweet Teatime Mini Set 9

My Beauty Diary Sweet Teatime Mini Set 8

You get:

  • Mini My Beauty Diary Strawberry Yogurt Cleanser (Click here for review)
  • Mini My Beauty Diary Vanilla Souffle Face Scrub
  • My Beauty Diary Earl Grey Tea & Macaroon Facial Sheet Mask
  • My Beauty Diary Chocolate Truffle Sheet Mask

My Beauty Diary Sweet Teatime Mini Set 6

My Beauty Diary Sweet Teatime Mini Set 4

My Beauty Diary Sweet Teatime Mini Set 5

My Beauty Diary Sweet Teatime Mini Set 3

My Beauty Diary Sweet Teatime Mini Set 1

I’ll be reviewing the Chocolate Truffle and Earl Grey Tea Sheet Masks in a post later this month as I purchased full sizes boxes of these a while ago. I’ll also review the Vanilla Souffle Face Scrub in a later post as it deserves a review on it’s own since it’s a rather fun product!

I think the set is rather darling and I’ve seen it on Evil-Bay for fairly cheap. It is limited edition and it’s been out a while so you might want to have a peek around to see if you can locate one if you’re wanting it before it’s gone.

It’s an excellent introduction to My Beauty Diary which is a Taiwanese brand puts out a large selection of fun Facial Sheet Masks!

Loves this!

Disclaimer: This was a gift from a friend.

  • 6/10/11 12:49 Sarah S.:

    OMG this packaging… must… resist… just hauled all three Tokidoki Vanita mirrors… but, it’s my birthday (…month) ^.^;;


    • 6/10/11 13:00 the Muse:

      ha go for it sarah!!!!!!! happy bday :D!


  • 6/10/11 13:21 Charlotte:

    Hello ! This set is so cute, do you know where i can buy it on internet ?


    • 6/10/11 13:30 the Muse:

      Hi Charlotte I mentioned it in the post hun. Hope this helps!


  • 6/10/11 13:25 Pam:

    I love this set too! So cute~ I just reviewed it too. I can’t wait to hear what you think about the scrub..


    • 6/10/11 13:31 the Muse:

      the scrub is brilliant ;-D I have to and read your review Pam! :D


  • 6/10/11 13:59 Courtney:

    This is worth snagging for the packaging alone. Too cute!


  • 6/10/11 14:28 Janet Shepherd:

    Not sure if I’d want to put them on my face or nom them! Sounds so yummy!

    Super cute packaging too :D


    • 6/10/11 15:21 the Muse:

      nom them Janet ;-D hehe!


  • 6/10/11 15:22 ann:

    Gah, I kinda need that packaging XD


  • 6/10/11 23:49 Lydi:

    Hi those are soo cute <3 Do u know any website that have that mini set? Thank you ;)


  • 6/11/11 0:04 jonnie:

    I got this set a couple days ago… I love it! :)


  • 6/11/11 11:21 Stephanie:

    It’s on yes style for anyone who wants to buy for $15 xD


  • 6/11/11 12:29 Musebeliever:

    AAAAAAAAAH ! So pretty ! >.< I want it !


  • 6/12/11 3:06 Mallory:

    The BF told me that they don’t have them anymore in Taiwan. Or at least he couldn’t find any. He just found the Strawberry Yogurt Cleanser and that was it. =(

    I WANT THIS THOUGH! I guess I’m going to have to pay the extremely high shipping price for it. The packaging is calling out to me!


  • 6/12/11 17:12 Cristi:

    I want it! So adorable! XD


  • 6/30/11 14:37 Stephanie:

    I have a question. Out of all of the beauty masks you have tried which ones are the best for dry skin? =[


    • 6/30/11 14:41 the Muse:

      hi stephanie, all are good for dry skin as they 99% of them have HA ;)


  • 8/9/11 5:04 Dawn:

    I’ve tried the Earl grey and Truffle masks…didn’t really see much difference compared to the regular ones :( except that they smelled really yummy. Haha.


    • 8/9/11 11:09 the Muse:

      yeah dawn, I find they smooth skin a little and smell nice but not as good as the regular line :-/


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